Saudi Splurges for Shanghai Expo 2010

Despite its claim to promote sustainable urban development practices, the world’s largest, disposable Expo invites irony and criticism. The first ever world fair took place in 1851 at Prince Albert’s behest.  That fair was initiated to display participating nations’ industrial prowess.  The tradition continues with ever-increasing largesse, culminating in this year’s World Expo that officially […]


Mecca Becomes Mecca for Drugs

Some drugs like pot, gat and hash are natural. But antidepressant drug abuse in Mecca, Saudi Arabia is causing social problems. Mecca province, home to the holiest site in Islam, has the highest rate of drug-related crime in Saudi Arabia, a university study has found. The national study, carried out by Dr. Ashraf Shilbi of the […]


AIA Names Saudi's KAUST In 2010 Top Green Projects

The king willed it – so it was built…Michael Arndt questions the ‘greenliness’ of KAUST, granted the US Green Building Council’s highest LEED certification possible. The American Institute of Architecture recently hailed The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) as one of its top ten most environmentally responsible building designs.   This follows other […]


Saudi Arabia and IBM to Develop Solar-powered Desalination Plant

Green Prophet’s post on solar powered desalination plants earlier this year reported Saudi Arabia’s interest in harnessing solar energy to drive its growing array of desalination plants. This week the oil-rich kingdom announced a partnership with IBM to pursue this goal. King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), Saudi Arabia’s leading R&D institute, will team […]


Middle Eastern LG Electronics Design Competition Concludes with Iranian Eco-Friendly Winner, Ali Kajuee

Ali Kajuee from Iran wins for his eco-friendly design, called “Ecoquina” [Image credit: AHMED KUTTY/Gulf News] In order to better understand the needs of their consumers, and in particular their younger consumers in the Middle East, LG Electronics launched a three-month competition for what it referred to as “Conceptualife” kitchen design.  The company appealed to […]


Help From Above As Saudi Environment Satellite-Monitored

e-GEO satellite monitoring of Dubai’s Palm Island. Can technology protect the endangered Persian Gulf? Saudi Arabia’s fragile desert and coastal environments will now get “help from above,” thanks to an initiative by a group of Saudi Arabian and European partners (GAF AG and e-GEOS) who have completed a project to implement and provide satellite-based environmental information […]


Saudi Arabia Seeks to Join International Renewable Energy Group IRENA

Will Saudi Arabia’s IRENA Membership Help Influence  Environmental Change? Saudi Arabia, a country which still contains much of the world’s remaining petroleum reserves, is now trying to put its environmental “money where its mouth is” by joining the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena). In an article posted on January 17 in the UAE’s “The National” English news […]


To Immunize, or Not Against the H1N1 Swine Flu?

To get the needle or not, that is the question some of us are asking. A researcher looking at bacteria model, says these ancient organisms wouldn’t mass immunize. The swine flu is taking its toll in the Middle East, not immune to the deadly virus that tends to attack younger, healthier people, and those who […]


Greening Hajj and Madina for the Muslim World

Madinah’s Prophets Mosque:Roll out the green carpet and let the deep greening of the Muslim world begin. The Muslim Hajj for 2009 is already over, and most of the nearly 3 million participants have returned to their countries of origin. But even before the pilgrimage began, representatives of major world religions met in London to try to use […]