Lots Of Green Challenges Ahead In 2011

Our individual efforts to stem global warming seem mighty inconsequential when China is burning billions of tons of coal. As we reflect back on the past year and look forward to a greener 2011, it is tempting to believe that environmental awareness is gradually and inexorably growing, as reflected in recent Green Prophet reports about […]


A Lost Civilization Under the Persian Gulf?

Could the stories of a lost city of Atlantis, first noted by Herodotus and Plato, have some basis in fact? A “Persian Gulf Oasis” may have been host to humans for over 100,000 years before it was swallowed up by the Indian Ocean around 8,000 years ago. A once fertile landmass now submerged beneath the […]


Ancient Caesarea Needs Every Grain of Sand

Is King Herod’s “City by the Sea” doomed once again? Man-made developments have put Caesarea at risk. The ancient sea port and other archeological sites in  the Israel coastal community of  Caesarea is being threatened by encroaching sea water due to a lack of natural sand, according to Zeev Margalit, Architect and Director of Conservation […]


Who’s Going Nuclear in the Middle East?

A handy chart to plot which Middle East countries are going nuclear. Ever since oil was discovered in the Middle East around 1950 it has gas been the driving force behind the region’s transformation. But as of late a new focus has emerged based on both an ever increasing demands for electricity but also a […]


Making Love with the Five Percent Rule

Treating love with patience and with small, 5% changes is the same approach that will save our planet “Bad things happen fast, good things take time,” writes Wendy Strgar, founder and chairman of, and the author of the newly published book, Love That Works: A Guide to Enduring Intimacy (Love Words Press, September 2010). […]


Get Naked at Dead Sea for Spencer Tunick

Get naked at the Dead Sea – for the environment! Spencer Tunick, famous for his mass nude photographs of people set against unique backgrounds and landscapes, has chosen the Dead Sea to shoot his eco-sexy art. That means hundreds to thousands of Israelis will need to volunteer to strip to their birthday suits, all for […]


Marilyn Monroe And “The Salon of Beauty” In Dubai

Palm Jumeirah Island room with a view, for “only” $200 a day Last year, at the peak of Dubai’s economic crisis, there was a massive expatriate exodus. Fearing debtors jail, many foreigners with unpaid bank loans abandoned their cars at Dubai’s airport parking lot. The New York Times described a policy of silence that forbade […]


Sign Up for Gulf Solar 2010

There is enough sun in the Gulf region to generate electricity equivalent to that powered by 1.5 million barrels of oil; will stakeholders make the switch? Do you have any plans  for the 23-24 of December? If not, perhaps you should consider booking a ticket to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates to attend […]


500 Tonne Food Waste Undermines Holy Month Of Ramadan

Officials in Abu Dhabi launched the “Think before you waste” campaign to help prevent food from piling up in landfills during Ramadan While Muslims are encouraged to internalize the principles of charity throughout their lives, during the ninth month of Ramadan, this philosophy is kicked into overdrive. Muslims demonstrate with even more intensity their devotion […]


Interview With Locavore Expert Leda Meredith

Green Prophet’s interview with “locavore” author Leda Meredith reveals a wealth of ways that eating locally-grown foods helps to green the planet. We do what we can to reduce overall energy consumption, dutifully turning the faucet off while we scrub the dishes, turning lights off in empty rooms, hauling bottles and old newspapers to the […]


Plagued By Mosquitoes? Greenopolis Blog Offers Help

Natural and effective mosquito repellents like marigolds might be growing in your own garden. I’m a mosquito’s favorite nosh. Even just attending my window sill plants on a summer day, I’ll be slapping at my ankles and cussing at the little stingers. Being wary of toxic pesticides that pollute the environment, I’m glad to read […]

Palmachim Beach Campaign: “We Have Won”

Grassroots campaigners claim final victory in fight to preserve open space for the Israeli public. Photo by Michael Green It was over two years ago that Green Prophet first reported on the grassroots campaign to stop developers from paving over one of the last remaining ‘wild’ spaces on central Israel’s coastline: ‘fisherman’s beach’ at Palmachim. […]