Anthropogenic — What Does THAT Mean?

When conversing with the “greenies” you may have come across the word “Anthropogenic” and wonder what it means… anthropogenic |ˌanθrəpōˈjenik| is an adjective that describes something as a pollutant, chiefly environmental, that originates in human activity. So the CO2 from your car can be described as “Anthropogenic”, whereas the CO2 from your neighborhood Volcano is […]


New Israel Fund Starts Tackling Environmental Issues

The New Israel Fund (NIF) has been the leading organization committed to democratic change, social justice, and equality in Israel since 1979.  Having been active in these fields for 30 years, it is now expanding its reach to environmental matters and becoming a partner in the Green Environment Fund. The NIF explains on its reasons […]


Eco-friendly Sewage Treatment Comes to the West Bank

A new scheme has just got underway for Palestinians to treat their sewage waste and purifying it for agricultural use by using wetlands. Forsaking electricity, the system instead relies on a system of man-made pools which utilise plants to assist in the organic breakdown of the sewage. The West Bank village of Um a-Rihan, not […]


Scientist, Environmentalist and Eco-Prophet James Lovelock Issues A Final Warning in 'The Vanishing Face of Gaia'

“We became the Earth’s infection a long and uncertain time ago”: James Lovelock is perhaps the world’s best-known independent scientist; he has published a new book, The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A Final Warning. Lovelock has served humanity and the planet well by inventing a device (the ECD – Electron Capture Detector), which detected the […]


Iran Needs A "Green" Revolution In More Ways Than One

Recent political turmoil in the Islamic Republic of Iran, is only part of the problems facing this country of more than 70 million. The country’s fragile eco-cycle is also at risk, much of this due to developmental aspects which have been occurring in many parts of county, while environmental issues have taken a back seat. […]


Media Hemmorhage Hits Green Papers

For GreenProphet readers who come from a journalism background, or who simply read the news, you know that American papers and magazines are facing mass bankruptcies and closings. Environmental journalism hasn’t been spared either, as was reported in April by a former green editor at the Huffington Post: Last week I received word via a […]


A Birthright That Turns Green

Coming to Israel for the first time is now becoming more environmentally friendly. Not only does Taglit-Birthright still offer a free 10-day trip for Jewish 18 to 26 year olds, but now each trip incorporates at least one environmental awareness aspect, and some newer tracks are even environmentally centered. Taglit Birthright Israel first started in […]


Urban Planning Conference at Tel Aviv University

If you’ve been wondering about the skyscrapers threatening to carve up Tel Aviv, or about the atrociously planned residential towers of Beer Sheva (see right), or even if you just want to hear about urban planning in general, then check out Tel Aviv University’s free upcoming conference, “Cities of Tomorrow,” held June 9-12. This year’s […]


Scientists Find Oldest Patch of Land on Earth in Israel

It gives us a little perspective in environmental issues: Hebrew University researchers have determined that a patch of land in Israel’s Negev Desert is the oldest piece of exposed land on earth. Because of weather events, volcanic activity and long term effects of tectonic activity, the face of the earth is constantly changing. But not […]


Nitzana's An Ecological Village That Practices What It Preaches

(Images: Solar concentrator – presents advanced technology for the concentration of solar radiation and various applications of its energy. The Solar Park’s Evaporative Cooling Tower – this exhibit shows how to cool a large space, based on the principles of natural ventilation, evaporative cooling and solar power.) How does a rural educational community located in […]

Israeli Sperm Count Drops A Whopping Forty Percent

(Israeli hightech entrepeneur Yossi Vardi delivers a TED Talk about the dangers of blogging for men. An inconvenient truth called Local Warming.) It could be something out of the worst nightmare of a Woody Allen flick like “Everything you wanted to know about sex but are afraid to ask.” But there may be truth in […]


Yediot Acharonot: Beer Sheva is Rebranding Itself

As mentioned earlier this week on Green Prophet, Beer Sheva’s new mayor Rubik Danilovich has big plans for this city of 200,000 on the northern edge of Israel’s Negev desert. He hopes to rebrand Beer Sheva through hiring a major architect to introduce common planning language, street furniture and greenery. (Above: One of Beer Sheva’s trademark […]


Egypt Culls 300,000 Pigs In Response to Swine Flu Virus

At the time of writing this post, there are 6 confirmed cases of swine flu now in Israel. Out of fear that the virus might spread to Epypt, authorities there have ordered the slaughter of the country’s 300,000 pigs, reports the Associated Press. “It has been decided to immediately start slaughtering all the pigs in Egypt using […]


VIDEO: The American University of Beirut In Lebanon Fights For Sustainable Research Through ISBAR

This documentary film describes the activities of IBSAR, an interfaculty center at the American University of Beirut dedicated to nature conservation and sustainable research. According to IBSAR members, “Nature is a special trust to be enjoyed and conserved for future generations. Conserving the biodiversity of nature in the Middle East is the foundation on which […]