Israel's Cleantech 2009 Emphasizes Water Projects and Renewable Energy


Israel’s 13th annual Cleantech exhibition on environmental technology and renewable energy projects is currently underway at the Israel Trade Fairs and Conventions Center in north Tel Aviv. You can read about innovative companies on display at the event last year, here. This year, both water technologies and renewable energy innovations appear to be the featured […]

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Drum Roll: Home to International Renewable Energy Agency IRENA Will Be . . . Masdar City


It could change the way companies make and distribute renewable energy technologies: We reported about the International Renewable Agency that convened in Sharm, Egypt this month. Today we get the news that the Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City, the world’s first carbon-neutral, will house the new Agency known as IRENA. According to a press release issued […]

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Palestinians Repair Crumbling Infrastructure to Weather Water Crisis


(A view of flood water in an olive grove in Beit Jala, near Bethlehem, last October. The filthy water killed about 30 olive trees. Photo from Ma’an News). The regional water crisis has hit the West Bank and Gaza hard, and the Palestinian Water Authority is rushing to repair crumbling infrastructure to maximize the little […]

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Phone Home With Sunbeam Power Using Lebanon’s Alfa


Alfa, Lebanon’s chief mobile phone service company, is now operating on solar energy to power its transmission network. The company recently installed its fifth solar powered station in the Hourata Reserve, and the station’s new solar powered generator is expected to be in full power by next month. Alfa, a state owned communications company, managed […]

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What Slipped Through The Cracks, When We Measured Greenhouse Gases


Al Gore may have given us a frightening picture of climate change and our future, but now new research suggests that even his predictions could be too modest, after an Israeli scientist discovered that cracks in the earth are emitting unrecorded greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This is the first time this phenomenon has been […]

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Israel and Germany Launch Sustainable Irrigation Project in Ethiopia


Israeli NGOs, such as Earth’s Promise, are involved with helping Ethiopian populations within the country (check out the Eco-Thiopia festival in Beer Sheva next week).  And the Israeli government, apparently, is involved with helping Ethiopian populations… in Ethiopia. On Wednesday the German Environment Ministry announced that Israel and Germany have launched a joint irrigation project […]

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HCL CleanTech’s Cleaner Approach to Cellulosic Ethanol Production


Cellulosic ethanol has often been viewed as the class of ethanol with the most promise, as it converts agriculture and forestry wastes, city sewage treatment wastes, and free growing and specially grown grasses, into usable fuel. While cellulosic ethanol has the advantage of using a variety of materials that would otherwise be waste products, the […]

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Phoebus Energy Shifts The "Hybrid" Idea to Home Heating and Cooling


We’ve all heard about hybrid energy systems for cars (because we’ve read Karen’s story about her family Prius); but now an Israeli company, Phoebus Energy, located in the coastal city of Netanya, has developed a unique hybrid heating system to produce energy more efficiently to heating and cooling large institutional buildings such as schools, hotels, […]

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Watt-O-Meter Helps Israelis Figure Out What's What With Their Electricity Consumption

Do you know how much energy is required to power the computer that you’re reading this on?  How about the light above you?  The air conditioning?  And do you know which one is the worst offender in terms of electricity consumption?  When you don’t know how much energy you’re using, it’s easy to forget about […]

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Sunday And Ormat Build Largest Solar Roof in the Middle East


Sunday Energy, a solar energy service provider in Israel, and Ormat Technologies, one of the world’s largest geothermal power solutions companies, recently announced they will build a 1MWp photovoltaic solar installation on the roof of Ormat’s factory in Yavne, Israel. Once complete, the 16,000 square meter installation will be the largest PV roof in the […]

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Qatar and the UK Research On Recycling Plastic Waste


Qatar, one of the largest polymer-producing countries in the Middle East region has new ambitions for recycling its plastic waste. Qatar University has paired up with The University of Sheffield, UK, to launch a new centre for the production of environmentally-friendly materials for local industries. Called the Polymer Centre, according to the Sheffield Telegraph it […]

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BP Solar and SolarEdge Partner to Develop Power Harvesting System


Solar energy giant BP Solar from Maryland, USA, and SolarEdge from Israel today announced a joint agreement to commercialize a power harvesting system embedded directly into BP Solar products. The companies will test new products designed to help solar modules operate more efficiently in harvesting the sun’s rays. According to Reuters, BP Solar, a unit […]

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The International Renewable Energy Agency Convenes in Sharem, Sinai, Next Month


Seventy-nine countries will send delegates to Sharem el Sheikh, Sinai next month to inaugurate the first session of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The international project will spearhead a global effort to develop renewable energy projects all over the world. The new agency was formulated in January, 2009, at a conference in Bonn, Germany, […]

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Ormat News and 9 Israel-Related Cleantech Headlines, Week of May 10, 2009


During the week of May 10, 2009, Ormat, a geothermal company, announced its plans to build a plant in Indonesia and Globes reported that major cleantech investors are planning to visit Israel in the near future. BrightSource and PG&E agreed to the largest ever solar power deal in the United States and Better Place demonstrated […]

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California's PG&E Signs Historic Solar Energy Contract With BrightSource Energy, for Solar Power


The deal is to provide power to more than half a million homes: Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) announced today that it has entered into a series of contracts with BrightSource Energy for a total of 1,310 megawatts of solar thermal power. These power purchase agreements, covering seven projects, supersede the agreements PG&E executed […]

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