Travel to Morocco

Morocco, a state thriving mainly on tourism as its primary source of foreign exchange, has manifold ventures to offer. Maintaining its place as the top vacation spot in the North African region, Morocco boasts its insights into wonderful surf and yoga facilities, a deep sense of culture and a rich history. Original Surf Morocco is […]


7 Green Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Asphalt

Although there are so many pavement materials for servicing the roads, parking, and the driveways, asphalt have proven countless times that it is the best in the market. What makes it stand out and win over other pavements is the fact that it has fewer effects to the environment plus the cost of production is […]


Simple gesture sparks a delicious global movement!

Schools are back in session, and a crazily fun global movement may inspire you to spread some love (along with the peanut butter) into your child’s school day, and ideally – well beyond. Check out #HashtagLunchbag. It’s the perfect example of how a small group of people on a local level can make a tremendous impact, […]


Exploring Prague and Berlin by Train

Are you planning on traveling to Europe but you are not sure of the places to visit? Also, do you wish to explore different places within one trip but have no idea how to move from one to the next? Worry not. Traveling from Prague to Berlin is the best way to make good use […]


Get Medical Insurance for Medicare Equipment

Insurance is a way of getting support from a policy that you signed for your safety when you need it the most. Imagine that you are jobless or you are doing an underpaid job, and suddenly because of an accident you need money for treatment. This is a terrible time to live in, your salary […]


Most Innovative Online Educational Tools to Use in 2018

There is a wide spectrum of applications and tools that facilitate various functions in education and the environment. Some are dedicated to assisting students in their studies while others are focused on teaching. From lesson planning software, student-teacher communication apps, to tutoring apps, here are the 7 hottest educational tools to use in 2018. Flipgrid […]


All The Important Details You Need To Know About EHIC

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is a free card that lets you have the right of accessing the state-provided healthcare during your temporary stay in any of the twenty-seven countries of European Union. It also includes Switzerland and the EEA (European Economic Area) nations of Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Norway. The advantages of the EHIC […]


Environmental Arson From Gaza Still Blazes In Southern Israel

Our previous post about this under-reported eco-disaster made some ripples in the media, but it’s a mistake to assume that the flames have already died out. Three months of daily attacks have caused staggering environmental damage to Israel’s southern communities and nature reserves. Every day brings fresh news of fires and damage. It started with […]


Gazan Condoms Used For War, Not Love

Do those look like condoms? But they are. Gazan protesters are pumping helium requisitioned from hospitals to send condom-balloons as far as possible into Israeli areas. The condom-balloons have explosives attached to their tails. Some can be ignited by remote control. Helium condoms have made their way to Israeli homes. On Sunday, a family in […]


Cells that Speed up Organ Growth…Also Speed Up Aging

More than two thousand years ago, Greek philosopher Aristotle observed that larger animals tend to live longer than smaller ones.  However, today, in the journal Developmental Cell, scientists report that it is cell size—not body size—that affects lifespan.  Researchers in Israel, Canada, and Germany examined the pancreases of 24 mammalian species—from the smallest (shrew) to the tallest […]


Why Reorganizing Your Home Reduces The Landfill

What will future archaeologists discover about how you lived when they go through your garbage? Studying societies by investigating what people threw out was established as an academic discipline back in 1973, at the University of Arizona. They named it Garbology. So what will your garbage say about you, in a generation or two? Hopefully, […]


The UAE leads the drone market

Drone technology is some of the most intriguing and sought-after technology out there. What was once reserved for military use has now become so affordable that people are snapping up their own personal units at breakneck speeds. Drones are big in many countries around the world, with the Middle East being no exception. With that […]


What’s the weirdest junk floating out at sea?

As the world prepares for the start of beach season, the Washington, DC-based Ocean Conservancy has released a series of infographics depicting some of the weird items collected during its 2017 International Coastal Cleanup. “You would be amazed at what volunteers find every year along beaches and waterways,” said Allison Schutes, associate director of Ocean Conservancy’s Trash […]


Best European car trips you can’t miss

Of course the train is best, but when you don’t have months to get around Europe, rent a car, and try to make it electric if you can! The ideas and itineraries suitable for a trip on board your car are not counted: you can leave for an adventure in the Alps, or travel the […]