Iran’s going solar with half a million solar panels

iran tehran solar panels on house

Each house will generate more than 100% of its energy needs and the rest will feed back to the household as a monthly check.

Even oil rich countries understand the importance of solar energy. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and now Iran in its declaration to install 550,00 rooftop solar installations, as it expands solar energy and renewable energy through the country.

In a report by the English news site in Iran Press TV, rooftop solar units in the country will expand quickly to over 100,000 in the calendar year to March 2023, and the rooftop panels will have a maximum electricity generation capacity of 5 kilowatts per hour.

The Iranian Energy Ministry is offering grants and 10-year loans as incentives to the applicants. The aim is to encourage poorer households to buy into the scheme in order to receive a feed-in tariff each month for the energy they generate. The energy generated will feed back into the grid and not be allocated to specific houses as one sees in off grid projects. 

Iran is a leading energy supplier to the world but in renewables it’s doing shabbily.  Renewables make up for less than one percent of a power generation capacity of 86 gigawatts (GW).

The new government program for expansion of rooftop solar will increase the renewable capacity in the country by 2.75 GW, reports Press TV. We couldn’t find a press release to back up the report,

That comes as the government has announced broader plans for expansion of renewables by 10 GW until 2025.

Energy Minister Ali Akbar Mehrabian said in January that the government will allocate 30 trillion rials (over $115 million USD) to the sector in the calendar year to March 2023. 

Image above via The Tehran Times

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