5 Tips To Help Your Child Get Over a Cold

Has your little one felt sniffly lately? If so, he or she may have caught a cold. While you may not be able to prevent your child from getting sick, there are some natural strategies you can implement that could potentially help your child get over the cold faster while preventing the spread of his or her germs. Even the best-fed, most well-rested child taking iron drops toddler and sleeping well each night can sometimes be vulnerable to getting sick. When this happens, try these tips to nurse your child back to health while keeping others around him or her safe.

Procedures To Avoid Spreading a Cold

During cold season, it’s more essential than ever to stock up on baby cold syrup and to try to prevent the spread of the cold. You help keep your child from getting sick and from spreading colds when you:

  • Teach your child to wash his or her hands often or to use hand sanitizer throughout the day
  • Instruct your child to avoid sharing glasses, eating utensils, towels and other personal items with those whom they suspect may be sick
  • Keep your child at home if you think he or she may have caught a cold and help him or her rest and recover before returning to school
  • Encourage your little one to practice healthy habits in public, such as sneezing into his or her elbow instead of hand, staying away from those who may be sick and wearing a face covering when needed

How To Ease Cold Symptoms in Your Child

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There are plenty of natural ways to help baby heal.

If you’ve already read up on some core facts about the common cold, your next question may be what you can do to ease your child’s cold symptoms. Although common symptoms such as fever, coughing and a stuffy nose may not be fun to deal with, they are, thankfully, treatable. To help your little one feel better right away, you could:

  1. Heat up some herbal tea or milk for your child before bedtime and mix in a teaspoon of honey to help soothe his or her throat and ease any coughing. Always check with a trusted herbalist before you give your baby herbal tea to make sure it’s safe. Children under a certain age should not eat honey.
  2. Keep your child hydrated with warm soups and broths (barley soup is good) – and try our 10 winter soups list for some great starters), teas, water and other healthy liquids throughout the day;
  3. Give your child a sponge bath or a cold compress to help bring down his or her fever;
  4. Make your child’s resting and sleeping environment as comfortable as possible by adjusting the room temperature as needed, installing a humidifier, giving him or her extra pillows or blankets and keeping aromatherapeutic oils handy;
  5. Provide your child with plenty of tissues and help him or her use saline mists or suction bulbs to clear out a stuffy nose.

You might not be able to prevent your child from occasionally catching a cold, but when he or she does come down with the sniffles, you can pull out all the stops to speed up recovery time and help him or her feel better quickly. With these core eco-friendly and natural tips, you’ll be equipped to help your child get healthy again.

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