10 Effective Email Marketing Growth Hacks

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American consumers are more concerned about the planet than steady economic growth, new report. Email marketing is actually a sustainable way to grow your business

Email marketing and email users are on a constant rise. If you look at the data over the past few decades, you can see that email marketing has become a marketing staple, because of its reach, effectiveness and returns on investments or ROIs. Email marketing works because of the active user base.

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As of 2020, 99% of email users check their email daily. This means that if you have worked towards creating a robust email marketing campaign and a winning outreach strategy, chances are you will reach your target audience. Creating an email marketing campaign is not an easy task and involves many moving parts. It starts with the onboarding email and requires a steady stream of follow-ups.

But when you are sending each of these emails there is the text, the design, the images, the email signature generator, the call to action or CTA and many more things that are crucial to the outcome of your email marketing campaign. We have compiled a list of 10 effective email marketing growth hacks to ensure the email marketing campaign you design brings in the results you want. 

Collect emails everywhere

In order to yield the desired results from your email marketing campaign, you need to continuously grow your mailing list. Along with the run of the mill option in your blog to collect email addresses, you need to seek email addresses from all other possible channels. Many tools can help you collect emails including social media channels like Twitter and Linkedin. Use each marketing channel to your benefit and collect emails everywhere.

Add branded email signature

An email signature is a staple in your email marketing campaign. As a result, you want to give your email signature some thought and include a branded or well established email signature that has the personalization option to share all your contact relevant information and promote products and services accordingly. Adding a branded and reliable email signature will add to your email marketing efforts.

Unsubscribe customers from emails

The point of email marketing campaigns is to engage interested prospects and customers. If your mailing list is filled with uninterested individuals, you will not get the desired results. To increase the overall value of your active customer list, you need to remove those who don’t open or click your emails. While the goal is not to make recipients unsubscribe, make it accessible to those who are no longer interested in your brand. It’s also less carbon emissions – sending out targeted emails that declutter the cloud

Use email retargeting

Part of effective marketing is providing your target audience with what they want. Use email retargeting to make sure you effectively reach your audience. Instead of just guessing what your target audience wants, just look at the data you have and match your brand and their preferences. Many marketers use retargeting with advertisement networks but integrating this in an email marketing campaign and creating a presence in inboxes is a much more powerful approach.

Add CTA to emails

A call to action is designed to direct your readers towards something they need or want. A great CTA always acts as a means to grab attention. Integrating a CTA button either in the email text or in the email signature, will allow your readers to clearly click and continue engagement with your brand. While it is best to have one CTA, there are times where you can integrate a few into your email marketing text. 

Automate personal messages

With the increase in app development in today’s world, there is an increase in automation platforms as well. Automation does not mean that your email is suddenly impersonal. For starters, use plain text and make sure that your email has a real person that is a sender. Automating personal messages can significantly improve conversion rates.

Ask people to reply

Engagement is an integral part of your email marketing campaign. You want people to open emails, read the content, and follow through with your promotions. While you are interested in sending all your information, you also need to consider your prospect or customers queries. It is important to have an inbox where replies can be monitored and managed. What if a recipient needs one bit of information before turning into a customer? Ask people to reply and address their messages.

Give something free

While you are creating all sorts of marketing campaigns to generate a ROI and eventually make your prospects make a buying decision with your brand or your customers make additional purchases with your brand. Add that surprise element and give something for free. But, at times a solid coupon or discount can be the much needed push for a reluctant yet potential customer to make a buying decision.

Send emails often

Someone might require one contact for a purchase while someone else might require a dozen contacts or more. Companies send anywhere from 7 to 19 emails per month. Remember, email frequency and create a content calendar that gives your prospects the right amount of contact with your brand without overwhelming them. The idea is not to bombard them with messages, but to keep them interested and engaged.

Proofread and edit

When you send out any email about your brand and your products or services, you want to establish yourself as an authority in your space. Always proofread and edit to make sure you maintain your authority with your readers. Let your co-workers or contacts glance at your messages before hitting send to avoid any broken links, typos or any other formatting errors after the emails hit the inbox of your subscribers.

While some customers are determined to make a buying decision with your brand with one contact to your product, there are plenty of prospects and customers that require constant brand exposure to associate with your brand. Chances are there are more of the latter, so, you need to make sure your efforts are always in sync with your targets. Use these effective email marketing growth hacks and get what you want from your email marketing campaign.

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