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Earth Day just passed us by on April 22 and hopefully, it sparked some interest in being more eco-friendly. All of us have habits that can be switched out for better ones, and switching those habits out for ones that are eco-friendly is no exception. Most of us go through our daily routines without even thinking about what adjustments we can make to better our planet. Perhaps, one of the most obvious changes someone could make would be to ditch the bad habit of smoking. Well-made CBD vape products can make this switch possible, and more importantly, make it eco-friendly. Let’s look more into this transformation that can be made, along with a few more. 

Switch Smoking For A Vape

Did you know smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths per year? That’s a pretty hefty number, as well as a great reason to make the switch. I know you might be wondering how vaping is better than smoking? Well, have you ever walked down the street and noticed mounds of cigarette butts? Not only is this litter, but it’s filled with toxins and chemicals. The reduction of second-hand smoke is another great reason to switch to vapes because second-hand smoke is just as deadly for the bystander exposed to cigarette smoke. The idea of vapes can be just as troubling for some people due to some of the bad press that vapes have received in the past, but you just have to be able to identify reputable companies to purchase from. Vitamin E acetate is a dangerous additive that some companies incorporate into their pens.

This synthetic form of vitamin E is extremely dangerous and can lead to hospitalizations and even death in some cases. Safe companies will provide third-party lab results for their products, and you can make sure you don’t see vitamin E acetate anywhere in the ingredient list. There are so many vape options to choose from that don’t harm the environment. 

Running Appliances

Did you wake up this morning and decide you were going to clean your whole house and run all your appliances at the same time? Most of us don’t intend on it, but it happens. The best time to actually run your appliances is anywhere between 7 pm until 12 noon the next day. Not only do you ease up the level of power being used in your area, but electric companies also charge more during peak hours, so this is a little insider tip to cut back on your power bill. 

Grow Your Food 

You don’t need acres of land to create your own garden, you can honesty make a great herb garden right on an apartment patio. Do a little research on some fruits and veggies you like to eat and see which ones fit into your capabilities. Many of us have tried to grow flowers with no success, but have you ever tried to grow fruits, veggies, or herbs? They’re actually a little easier to grow than flowers, and arguably more rewarding because you get to harvest your food and eat it! If you cook with herbs it’s always a good idea to at least have a little mini herb garden because cooking with fresh herbs is the absolute best!

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Hopefully, some of us have developed some better habits such as reading a little more while on quarantine. It’s so easy to get caught up in a good season of Breaking Bad, or whatever else catches your attention, but picking up a book is a great source of mental stimulation. So, cut back on the power (once again) and pick up a book. How about Practical Herbs by Henriette Kress?

Water Usage 

Do you ever really think about how much water we use? If you live in a place like California, water conservation is a big deal, and droughts are not uncommon. There are a few simple ways you can cut back on your water consumption such as turning off the water when you’re brushing your teeth, taking showers instead of baths, only running the washer or dishwasher with full loads—you get the idea. You can also get a bucket to collect the shower water as it warms up and use it to water your new garden! Once you start thinking about things like this, being more mindful of it, you’ll start coming up with your own ideas.

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Walk or Bike 

It’s understandable… sometimes it isn’t possible, but if you live in an area where things are bunched pretty close together, you should try walking or biking sometimes. Maybe on a glowing bike path like in Holland? It’s great for the environment, you get exercise, vitamin D, and you’ll be doing your part in cutting back pollution!


Switching out some of your daily habits for habits that are more eco-friendly like CBD oil products doesn’t have to be a daunting task. A quick google search will literally reveal thousands of eco-friendly ideas, activities, and lifestyle changes. The first step is having general interest and curiosity—now you’re really on track to make this world a better, more sustainable place!

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