A Guide to Renewable Energy and Small Business

wind power by the sea

There’s been a big crusade to get big business to adopt renewable energy. You see it every time a major corporation says they’re putting solar panels on their rooftops or buying energy from wind farms. However, small businesses can take advantage of renewable energy in a variety of ways too.

Choose a Greener Energy Company
You don’t have to put solar panels on your roof or buy a share of a windfarm to receive renewable energy.

When you compare electricity providers, you can find a greener solution at iSelect. You could choose a company that produces mostly wind or solar power. You could sign up with an energy company that harnesses biomass, burns trash or is inventing next generation renewable power. You don’t have to do anything structurally to your business. You’ll receive power through the same power lines you’ve always used, you’ll just be subsidising renewable energy with every utility bill. A side benefit of this approach is that you may save money on electricity as well as reduce your impact on the planet. You also gain flexibility. You can decide to switch from a company that mostly uses solar or wind to tidal power or hydroelectric. If this isn’t an option, then going with a firm that uses less polluting power sources like natural gas is a good first step.

Look for Practical Projects with a Good ROI
Don’t pour money into “moral peacocking” or “greenwashing”, an expensive project intended to look good but not do good. At best, it’s an expensive marketing gimmick. At worst, it’s an expensive waste of money that offends customers. For example, don’t put a massive wind turbine out in the middle of nowhere that hardly does anything and say you’ve made a commitment to the planet. Instead, look for projects that allow you to take advantage of renewable energy that have a good return on investment. Then you have a strong business case regardless of anyone else’s opinion. Have a renewable energy site survey done to learn what sort of renewable energy projects are most effective in your area.

Research Alternatives to Renewable Energy Generation
There are two sides to the energy equation: generation and conservation. Don’t assume the only way to go green is to build new power generation via wind turbines or a biomass generator. You may learn that projects like passive heating walls and natural shade could dramatically reduce your energy bills.

Upgrading to more energy efficient windows and industrial equipment, redesigning lobbies and seating areas to be naturally cooled by the wind or making better use of the resources you have all make your business more green. Consider composting material for the gardens instead of trying to burn it in a biomass generator.

Switch to compostable single-use items or long-lasting alternatives instead of throwing so much away and then buying carbon offsets.



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