10 Creative Ideas To Update Your Kitchen Area

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There is probably nothing more satisfactory than updating or re-decorating a room in your house. We all love our house, no doubt, but sometimes staring at the same walls or having the same colors around us can make us feel bored. Imagine having an open kitchen that you will be involuntarily looking at all the time, or having one that is so dull, it takes the fun out of cooking. If you relate to either scenario, then maybe it is time you consider updating your kitchen area. When people think of doing this, they often believe it is going to be too much work, or that it might be too overwhelming. But, that is not the case at all. It actually has a lot of potential to be a fun experience, especially if you do it right.


1.    Wall Art

Do you feel like your walls are dull? Do you think they need a splash of color, but at the same time, you don’t want to paint them? Well, you are not the only person who feels this way. We all have these dilemmas where we want to change, but we don’t want too much of it. And that is perfectly normal. Updating your walls without painting them is very doable; all you need to do is look around for wall art that will match the mood of your kitchen; as well as, your taste. Wall art is a perfect update for because you can keep it around as much as you like and get rid of it once you feel like you need another remodeling.

2.    Mirrors

When decorating their houses, people automatically decide that mirrors are going to go in the bedrooms, bathroom, and the living room if they are feeling creative, but nobody adds mirrors in their kitchen room or even considers it. It might sound strange, but adding a mirrored backsplash to your kitchen will make all the difference. Think about it. Not only will it give your kitchen a new feel, but it will reflect light and make your kitchen seem twice as big. So, your kitchen will seem new, as well as feel lighter and larger. 

3.    Vibrant Furniture

A lot of people avoid vibrant colors when they are decorating their rooms, especially in the kitchen. Which is why these rooms grow dull over time. They lack color and don’t have a unique feel. Adding a bold color to your kitchen could be scary, and that is totally understandable. However, if you really want a unique update, you need to take a leap of faith and purchase a bright-colored table or paint one of the walls with a strong, vibrant color. 

4.    More Counter Space

Clutter is your kitchen’s worst enemy and can make you feel as though you don’t have any space for anything else in the room. Decluttering alone can be all the change you need; it will give you more counter space, for instance. All the best kitchen remodeling pros take space into consideration, and they all suggest that one of the best additions you can get is to have a rolling cutting board over your sink. So, not only will you have more space, but it will also be very practical for you. 

5.    Shelves

When it comes to space, there is no denying that your kitchen can always use more. This can be really difficult with smaller areas. However, floating shelves can be your breakthrough. With these nifty things, you can double or triple the area available for your kitchen equipment. Not to mention, they’re a decorating blessing. Try buying them in bright colors, and consider placing decorative items, like dangling plants and pictures. So, in a way, floating shelves are like 3 in 1 type of thing. 

6.    Stools

Remember those old school vintage stools that we see on TV or the ones in the diner? Consider adding these tools to your kitchen; they will make a great fit and will change the entire look. Adding them will bring life to the room and will be the perfect creative update to it. Besides, who doesn’t like to pretend they’re at a diner while eating their meal?

7.    Painted Pantry

Speaking of painted furniture, why not consider painting your pantry? Adding a splash of color will make you feel like you just bought a new kitchen or better you are in a catalog where everything looks perfect. You can get a professional if you are worried about messing up your pantry, but you can also try out fun ideas and use the chance as a DIY activity to share with your family. 

8.    Themes

Have a theme for your kitchen. It could be whatever you want it to be; you can have it decorated like your favorite diner from a sitcom, old school, or literally anything else. The possibilities with this one are endless. You don’t need to but a lot of things to have a theme. Simplicity is key here, so you don’t really overwhelm yourself. 

9.    Painted Floor

Changing your kitchen floor can be a hassle, but painting them won’t be as challenging. Take your time and think about the perfect color that will match the ambiance of the room, but at the same time will give it the right feel. The beauty here is that you can try different hues and really take your time with your decision.

10.    Multi-light Pendant 

Add lights. Consider buying one of those multi-light pendants. Not only will it make the space look brighter, but it will also give it a unique sense of style. Pick a design and color that will make you feel like your kitchen has truly been updated. 

Waves of Change

You don’t need to feel worried about updating your kitchen. You can change little things or add little items in the space, and it will be all the change you need. Not every change has to be big and remarkable; it is the little things that truly make all the difference. Updating your kitchen will sometimes require bold moves, like adding vibrant color to the room, decorating the walls, getting a new backsplash, etc. Go ahead and buy something new. Even if people think it’s a little too out there, trust your gut and go for it. 

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