Mummy limbs smugglers hide “loot” in speakers, foiled in Egypt

mummy foiling team smuggling egypt cairo in speaker

What would Tutankhamun say? Remember when mummies starting floating up in sewage? This story is even better. Security officials at the Cairo International Airport foiled a plot to smuggle ancient mummified limbs out of the country in a couple of loudspeakers. On a plane to Belgium, the X-ray technicians noticed something fishy and looked deep inside the speakers. Instead of wires and a woofer, they found body parts.

According to the country’s security officials the smugglers were attempting to smuggle out antiquities belonging to two different mummies: in total two sets of feet and lower legs; two sets of hands, two sets of forearms, an upper arm and an upper torso. The smuggler in the heist was not identified.

mummy foiling team smuggling egypt cairo in speaker mummy foiling team smuggling egypt cairo in speaker

The ancient mummified remains will be brought to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo where they will be inspected and preserved by a team of archaeologists. Grave robbing and archeology looting has only intensified since the 2011 revolution. When I travelled to Syria 20 years ago I was offered a number of archeological artifacts by a young man wanting to be my friend.

ISIS has systematically destroyed an unspeakable number of archeology and historical sites in the Middle East. Read our archeology news here.

Egypt alone has lost what it estimates to be $3 billion worth of illegal artifacts since the revolution time in 2011. Looting and stealing artifacts damages the local culture today and possibly irrevocably. Knowing our planet’s peoples’ history, helps us persevere in our future.

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