Eggplant’s ancient arrival discovered in Israel

If you know me you know I love eggplant (see the best eggplant dip recipe in the world). It’s such a versatile veggie and it’s something I discovered first in Turkey, then Syria, tasting my way through Jordan and then Israel. We know you’ve been dying to know when eggplant first arrived to the region. […]


Holy sh*t! Mummies float in Egyptian sewage!

Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities reported a new discovery of several Greco-Roman era mummies near Minya in northeastern Egypt, 250 kilometers south of Cairo. The new discoveries occurred when police found two wooden sarcophagi floating along a village waterway in a pool of raw sewage. Polluted water is a persistent problem for the country’s archaeological treasures.  But it’s a […]


Jonah’s tomb in Iraq blown up by ISIS

Every year Jewish people read the Book of Jonah from the Old Testament during the Yom Kippur holiday – that was this past Saturday, and Jonah came to my mind when I was writing about the holiest day of the year for the Jews. Jonah is my favorite biblical story, I was saddened to learn that […]


Gaza fisherman’s rated-X catch hidden by Hamas

An ancient bronze casting of Greek god Apollo, hooked from the sea by a young Gaza fisherman, was seized by police and vanished from public view. Tug-of-war over a valuable artifact – or – coyness over risqué rendering of his frontal assets?  Authorities are as silent as a statue as to when it will reappear.


Why Were Egyptian Sphinx Feet Found in Northern Israel?

Israeli archeologists are nearly bald from puzzled head-scratching. First was the discovery of a sunken mound of rubble beneath the Sea of Galilee, now comes the mysterious unearthing of an ancient Egyptian sphinx in northern Israel. Make that “parts” of an ancient Sphinx: so far, only segments of its face and feet have been recovered, […]


3,000 Year-Old Public Water Works Unearthed in Jerusalem

Jerusalem’s water consumption during the First Temple period was not solely based on the output of a natural spring, but relied on public reservoirs. A large rock-hewn water reservoir dating to the First Temple period was recently discovered in the archaeological excavations that are being conducted in Jerusalem. The excavation, during the course of which […]

Man Evolved When Elephant Meat Ran Out

Losing elephant steaks was stressful, but helped shape modern man says new study on the Middle East Dietary change led to the appearance of modern humans in the Middle East 400,000 years ago, say archeology researchers from Tel Aviv University. During a dig at Qesem “Magic” Cave, a prehistoric site in Israel, the researchers see […]


Will Libya’s Unrest Trash Their Historical Sites ?

This desolate part of Libya contains some of the world’s most unique primitive rock art The civil war now in progress in Libya is threatening everything there – especially the country’s historical sites that go back more than 3,000 years. The somber news of what is happening there was conveyed by what was the last […]


Ancient Paw Print Found Near Roman Bath in Jerusalem

Dating back to the second century CE, archeologists uncover Roman-era paw print this week. It’s not just ancient Roman baths being uncovered in Jerusalem this week. The Israel Antiquities Authorities are reporting a Roman-era dog’s paw print among its finds. Says Dr. Ofer Sion, excavation director in the Old City of Jerusalem: “Another interesting discovery that […]