Top Five Affordable Destination For Fall 2018

Rainwater collection, 2012, by Prasanta Biswas (India

There is not really a specific season to travel. However, some places might be shining their glorious splendour in certain specific seasons! And by splendour, we mean a powerful exposition of culture, colours and… everything. Now, you might be confused! Should you be going to Russia? Naaa, too cold in Fall. Perhaps Egypt? Too hot? Maybe Los Angeles? Clubs will be too crowded. The North Pole? No Clubs… Only Penguins!

Worry no more, folks! Here are the top five affordable destinations that you can try for Fall 2018. Be sure to update your social media account with your snaps!

Incredible India – Land Of Culture

One of the craftswomen that works with Ondi to create the Atelier Om look.

Some of the players have indeed visited India! Through the Bollywood Story Slot at Moon Bingo. The game will captivate your senses with the Indian tune. Not to forget the iconic Indian graphics and concept included in the game. One thing is for sure; all those playing Bollywood Story are entitled to a virtual feel of India. Try not to miss this game at But that will only be a glimpse. India promises much more than that! Fall in India does not always mean orange is everywhere but it mostly means the festive seasons. The most amazing festivals in Indian culture happen during these periods. No one has ever returned empty-handed from India. They are filled to the brim with outstanding memories and views. Should India earn a place in your bucket list? Obviously! Just like Bollywood Story.

Pinata Of Canada – Land Of Golden Autumn

One of the most amazing things to do during Fall in Canada is witnessing the exquisite autumn foliages. Seriously, to miss this golden spectacle will be something you wouldn’t want to experience. Canada’s icon, the maple leaf, already brings to mind the iconic autumn leaves but to explore the various locations that pride on autumn foliages, is a thrilling adventure. Don’t want to go sightseeing? Hop onto the bus towards country fairs! Canada is popular for that. Almost every weekend, you can notice fairs being organised. As soon as you pass through one, the fresh scent of pumpkin spice and damp soil will make you go mmm… Canada got the wow factor! And there are no doubts on that. Oh yes! Do not forget to try some freshly baked pumpkin pie! Dessert Lady in Toronto sells the best!

Wear Sombrero In New Mexico – The Land Of Balloons

Travelling outdoors in New Mexico is truly fantastic. Now, imagine travelling outdoor during Fall! The perfect combination of leisure has been reunited at last! Thousands of hikers, bikers and adrenaline-junkies make their way towards the marvellous wild areas that include everything from scenic views to balloon adventures. Yes, you read that right! New Mexico is ultimately a destination for those who fancy Hot Air Balloon travel in Fall. The season helps the air temperatures and wind patterns achieve a stage for perfect ascend and descent on Hot Air Balloons. There are always plenty of enterprises offering breathtaking rides that remain memorable. Time to tip-toe towards New Mexico!

Lushly Lost In Peru – The Land Of Cool Autumn 

Untouched by civilisation, the Macchu Picchu stays silent on its premises. In autumn, the weather turns rainy and clouds literally descent onto the towering peaks. For anyone who visits Peru in Fall, they witness silver clouds embrace the mountains. Tourists consider that those who wish to view the Macchu Picchu in something other than sunny days, they should try a visit in Fall. There jungles are full of contrasts and are humid. If you make it to the peak, the valley is barely noticeable but the legendary city of the Inca appears to be a land in the heavens. Almost something out of this world! Care to join the expedition?

Sun Touched Georgia – The Land Of Peaks & Plains

Georgia is undeniably a country of mountains, valleys and the sea. Even if there could be some acute dips of temperatures in Winter, it still is a popular place to be visited in Fall. The sky is usually clear, with little rain clouds so that you can voyage here and there without caring for the weather. Well, at least it is not supposed to get rainy so easily… if it does, just take refuge at any exotic village. They are very much welcoming. Georgia brings sightseeing to another level. Roads snake through green valleys and mountains with fresh plains on the sites. The country prides on the tundras that become the playground for many livestock and kids. Soothing, fresh and top of the level, this island goes in season in autumn!

Gather your maps and pack up the bags! Some exceptional adventures await this Fall of 2018!


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