Mayu adds natural vortex to purify your water

Speak with any of the weirdos advocating the new raw water craze and they will tell you that the movement of water is essential for keeping it fresh and healthy for a body. Enter the Israeli startup Mayu which has created Stream, a new kind of water purification device that aerates water with a natural swirling motion and infuses it with one of four signature mineral blends, imparting both nutrients and unique flavor profiles.
The Stream’s design gently but swiftly aerates water by generating a vortex in the borosilicate glass carafe when it’s placed on the vortex base. All of the components that touch the water are medical grade, and the mineral blends have been specially tuned for balanced flavor and nutritional benefits. Whether you’re starting with tap water, fridge water, or from the cooler, the Stream will evaporate volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) such as chlorine and radon, replacing them instead with beneficial minerals.
Top Features
  • Removes VOC’s from drinking water

  • Removes odors from water (such as plastic or carbon)

  • Improves taste

  • Imbues water with mineral blend

Inspired by nature, MAYU’s engineers were driven to create the Stream to produce healthy water while eliminating the need for disposable, single-use plastics.  Aeration removes volatile tastes and odors from water by dissolving them as gasses. The main  culprit behind bad water odor and taste, hydrogen sulfide, is readily removed by aeration. The process also raises the pH levels back to the sweet spot of 6.5-8.5.
Now crowdfunding, early backers campaign owners say, will also receive their choice of a 1.5 liter travel bottle or a 0.4 liter double-wall glass thermos for keeping water cold or hot beverages hot. MSRP is projected at $169.
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