How the UAE can push eco-friendly energy solutions forward


The pressure for environmentally friendly energy solutions on the globe is now more than ever. With an increased demand for energy supply comes an equally high demand for sustainability and environmental responsibility. In 2013 the Center for Strategic and International Studies released a report that said global energy use will grow by 56% between 2010 and 2040 and that fossil fuels will continue to supply nearly 80 percent of world energy use through 2040.

There is a lot of potential for eco-friendly solutions to be developed in the UAE, which is a promising sign for businesses and the wider economy. The industry needs only to look at the work that Aggreko have done in San Diego. Aggreko is the world’s leading supplier of temporary power, which is always looking at ways to reduce emissions. The Gaslamp Quarter Association requested for the energy suppliers to use alternative fuel for this year’s Mardi Gras celebrations in San Diego as part of their mission to make the event green. One such solution was recycling cooking oil into fuel — a small but extremely effective step.

Director of Aggreko’s Environmental Health and Safety Department, Huey Bourque, said: “At Aggreko, it is our goal to minimize the impact on the environment through careful equipment design, from minimizing spills to implementing the latest emission-control technology.”

With the recent appointment of Dr Sixtus Mulenga as Non-Executive Chairman of Aggreko Zambia, there looks to be a focus on such dedicated projects in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Mulenga, who has over 35 years of experience in the industry said: “As Zambia works to further develop its mining industry, along with the capacity and coverage of its electricity grid, Aggreko can play a key role in supporting these initiatives, while also supporting a growing and diversified industrial sector.”

As global companies take pivotal steps in helping to sustain energy sources, economies can both support and reap the rewards from any advances. The increasing use of technology to create energy only means more demand for an expansion of the field, meaning more employment opportunities and project opportunities. These are worrying yet exciting times for countries that want to show their potential in energy efficient energy sourcing.

Image by Señor Codo, used under Creative Commons license

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