Making a little Disco Soup for brunch with leftover food in Lebanon!

On the occasion of World Food Day, Beirut will play host to the funkiest food salvage event in history: Disco Soup! While it’s not the first Disco Soup to hit the Middle East (Tel Aviv had its version Disco Shuk last April where droves came out for free food), this event in Lebanon only goes to show how funk-a-licious Beirutis are when it comes to food and this important eco event.

The Beirut Food Disco brunch is happening tomorrow, October 19, and it’s being hosted by Food Blessed and Slow Food Beirut. Organizers say everyone is invited to a free party of peeling, preparing surplus food, while jamming to dance music. Bellbottoms are not required.

This is food people that otherwise would have gone to waste.

Fun may it be to eat free food and dance, the loftier goal (you know there always is one!) is to raise awareness to food waste globally.

Start chopping between 10am to 2 pm and the Sioufi Public Garden in Achrafiyeh.

About Disco Soup Global

Since the beginning of 2012, the Disco Soup anti-food waste phenomenon has spread to Holland, Belgium, Canada, Israel, Colombia and South Korea, serving thousands of meals to the sound of dance music, sparking creativity, boldness and solidarity amongst people of all origins, ages and social backgrounds.

Now it’s Lebanon’s turn to join the movement.

What’s more on the plate at Disco Food Beirut?

The menu calls for 300kgs of salvaged food, one celebrity chef, a handful of DJs, peelers (no, not strippers!) and knives.

Foodblessed is a community-driven, volunteer-based, local hunger relief initiative run by a group of volunteers with a passion and will to fight hunger in Lebanon. Their mission combines environmental and social responsibility.

Follow Disco Soup Lebanon’s people over on Foodblessed

Image above of Disco Shuk in Tel Aviv

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