3 green reasons why the UAE should be on your travel bucket list

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The United Arab Emirates has now become a very popular holiday destination, boasting dry, hot weather for much of the year. Although the climate may be appealing to tourists, the United Arab Emirates has much more to offer than sun, sand and sunbathing.

1. Natural Attractions

As well as the modern, built up cities, the United Arab Emirates also has stunning natural landscapes. If you visit the Liwa Oasis, you will have the opportunity to take a walk or a camel ride and visit the restored fort.

Wildlife lovers may enjoy a visit to Sharjah, which is home to a variety of endemic animals to the Arabian peninsula such as the Arabian leopard, oryx, foxes and mongooses. The Desert Park at Sharjah has more than one thousand species of animals. Sharjah is also a wonderful location for diving, with warm waters that boast coral reefs and colorful marine life.

The United Arab Emirates is a great location for bird watching, with species including kites, falcons and owls, as well as more than two hundred and fifty species of small bird.

2. Culture

Although best known for the shopping facilities and sandy beaches, the United Arab Emirates also has a lot to offer in the way of cultural attractions. Dubai Museum, which was opened in 1971, is home to collections which teach visitors about the Dubai way of life. Exhibits include antique cannons, pearl fishing boats and displays of archaeological and historical significance.

The archaeological site at Julfar is worth a visit for those who are interested in the history of the area. The site consists of the remains of a former port city which dates back to the Middles Ages, with buildings including a fort, royal palaces and a mosque.

3. Beaches

If you enjoy relaxing on the beach, you will find plenty of options in the United Arab Emirates. Even beaches with Blue Flags – the eco standard. The coastline of Dubai has various public beaches, some of which provide facilities such as sun loungers and multi-coloured beach parasols. There are also areas on some beaches where you can take part in a multitude of sports activities, which include beach volleyball and football.

Many of the beaches are close to amenities such as bars and restaurants, so you will be able to find somewhere to get refreshments. When it comes to culinary wonders that tickle the palate, the restaurants in Dubai definitely won’t be found wanting. Here you’ll find various dishes from different cuisines, ranging from fast food and bar chow to gourmet Arabic cuisine, all these are readily available.

There is much to see and do in the United Arab Emirates, whatever your interests. You can spend the day relaxing on the beach, browsing the shops or you can go diving or take a camel ride through the lush oasis. There should be something to suit even the most discriminating of green tastes!

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