Volta’s battery voted NanoIsrael’s nano product of the year

volta battery israel

A panel of judges at the NanoIsrael 2014 conference voted Volta’s carbon nanotube (CNT) battery as Nano product of the year. Read more for an explanation of what this means and why nanotechnology may soon be a household word.Philosopher Konrad Lorenz once said that scientists are people who know more and more about less and less until they know everything about nothing. The academics and industries collaborating on the Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative (INNI) are certainly pushing the boundaries of knowing everything about nothing, or rather, they are learning much about very small things.

In an interview at the NanoIsrael 2014 conference, Israel’s Chief Scientist, Avi Hasson told the Times of Israel that nanotechnology is on the verge of breaking out into many industries. Indeed, Green Prophet previously explored applications of nanotechnology in solar paint, desalination as well as a rediscovery of some of the ancient nanotechnology secrets of Egyptian blue.

Volta’s carbon nanotube (CNT) car battery was chosen as Nano Product of the Year by judges at the NanoIsrael 2014 conference. Carbon nanotubes prevent breakdown of silicon inside the battery. Carbon nanotubes are also excellent electrical conductors and can improve electrical conductivities characteristics within the battery. These improvements allow it to last three times longer than batteries without such nanotechnology.

The batteries begin with the familiar technology of Lithium Ion batteries, similar to those popular in mobile devices but with silicon anodes instead of the graphite anodes in ordinary lithium batteries. The problem with silicon is that it breaks down when it expands and contracts during multiple charge and discharge cycles. Carbon nanotubes sheath the silicon and prevent it from crumbling. Volta’s breakthroughs have applications in everything from electric cars to mobile phones.

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