Renewable Energy Storage in the form of an Ancient Technology

With the Middle East’s bountiful amounts of sunshine, solar energy is a prominent resource and wind, with Saudi Arabia’s $500 million Dumat Al-Jandal wind farm breaking ground in 2020. It may seem counterintuitive to find a region with so many natural gas and oil stores pivoting to renewable energy, but while these energy methods are finite, creating sustainable technology will create lasting energy solutions for the future. 


Meet Doron Aurbach, Israel's Energizer

Care about alternative energy and an oil-free future? Then you might want to meet Prof. Doron Aurbach who is working to “green” the battery industry, making better, long-lasting batteries to store clean power. He’s now collaborating with LG on a new magnesium battery. He developed the first rechargeable lithium battery, and now Prof. Aurbach and […]