Bug Lights: Illuminating Desktop Pets by Omer Inbar

Bug Light, Omer Inbar, green design, sustainable design, minimalism

Israeli designer Omer Inbar is selling Bug Lights – a series of desk lamps that look like insects. Decidedly minimalist and definitely unique, each product comes with a choice of several different kinds of 25 W bulbs that emit a soft glow, along with a 1 meter long cable and a bug light ID postcard.

Bug Light, Omer Inbar, green design, sustainable design, minimalism

Inbar markets the lamps as “pets” that are packaged in a cardboard box complete with air holes that allow the bugs to breathe. So far the range includes spiders, ants and praying mantises. They sell for $30 a piece.

Asked how he came to create this particular line, the renowned designer told iDT that the insect lamp concept emerged during his educational odyssey at the Holon Institute of Technology.

“I was assigned a project to create a smart, simple and cool product,” he said. Inspired by the insect realm, I decided to combine industrial parts into the insect’s natural shape. The idea of Bug Light is to create a series of adorable bugs, just like little pets.”

This marketing angle may be effective in a country like Israel where people have yet to embrace cat and dog ownership on the same scale as western countries, but we are simply impressed with the modest use of materials and creative design.

Bug on!

:: iDT

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