Carpet Made From Pebbles Gives Great Foot Massage

Neora Zigler pebbles carpet
An Israeli designer creates a rug that incorporates real pebbles. Walking on them is like a foot massage!

It’s pretty common these days to see pottery and household objects that are designed to resemble nature. And carpets too. While you may see pathways made of pebbles, it’s not likely you’ll find them inside your carpets. Inspired by the east, Israeli designer Neora Zigler chose to sew pebbles inside layers of synthetic fabric and the result is her Pebbles Carpet. Zigler says it forces one to walk slowly, with concentration, but I bet walking on it is good for your health, and heart.

Neora Zigler pebbles carpet

Neora Zigler pebbles carpet

Stimulating the bottoms of your feet on uneven surfaces, something you don’t get to do on built modern surfaces and walkways, is not only a good thing for your balance and muscle tone, the stones can meet important reflexology points that can create inner balance as well.

Big question? Where do we get one?

::Neora Design

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