CleanTech Group and WWF Name Israel as 2nd Top Cleantech Producer

Cleantech, oil, natural gas, WWF, Cleantech GroupIsrael tops the global clean tech charts once again!

A recent report compiled by Cleantech Group and the World Wildlife Fund shows that Israel is only behind Denmark in terms of its clean tech prowess. The tiny country beat out Sweden, Finland, the United States and other leading national innovators. Called “Coming Clean: The Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2012,” the report evaluated the top 38 countries investing in clean tech and ranked them according to their the establishment of startups in proportion to their overall financial strength.


Israel might have led the pack, but the report found the local market to be insufficiently robust. It also noted that the government is not as supportive as it should be.

Green Prophet’s Susan noted wryly in an earlier post that Israel fathered modern solar energy generation but doesn’t implement it widely within its own borders because of political motivations that cause its leadership to chase after fossil fuels. This has resulted in the irrational pursuit of oil shale and natural gas that pays no heed to environmental concerns.

Even so, Bar Ilan University, the Technion, and other leading institutions in the country continue to produce some of the brightest minds on the planet.

This is not the first time that Israel has ranked so highly on the global clean tech scale and the country’s reputation is well understood.

Last year Cornell teamed up with Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in order to create a super hub for cleantech startups in New York City.

It seems the world over recognizes Israel’s talent, but not its own leadership. Maybe after the country is doubled over with the blackouts expected this summer (stemming from a disruption of Egypt’s natural gas supply) the government will start shifting its attention?

:: Ynet News

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