Morocco’s Tourism Season Kicks off With Luxury Eco-Camping

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Every year thousands of Europeans head to Morocco for a cheap trip; hopefully more will travel the eco-friendly way.

British tour operator Specialist Morocco recently announced that they are opening up their ecologically-friendly tented camp in Morocco’s Southern Draa Valley for another season. And though we are particularly sensitive to greenwashing after witnessing first hand the high price the North African country pays when hordes of mostly European visitors looking for a cheap trip skip across the Mediterranean for a short jaunt, this 4-star camp seems to genuinely prioritize both the local community and the natural environment on which they rely.

To get to the camp, visitors will drive about seven hours south of Marrakech, a journey that passes through some of Morocco’s most compelling and winding vistas.

The camp’s eight unique Caidal sleeping tents come in three different sizes – twin, double, and family, and there is an additional salon tent where guests meals are served.

Traditional dishes are prepared by Berber chefs using ingredients that are sourced locally from the verdant valley and usually include tangine (meat or vegetarian) along with cous cous and various Moroccan salads. Moroccan pancakes and freshly baked bread are served in the mornings.

Both batteries and lanterns are solar-powered and traditional candle lanterns also give the experience a touch more authenticity than propane-powered lights.

Each tent has an en-suite bush shower and “bio-loos” that don’t leach into the surrounding water ways. Especially conscientious travelers using hygiene products that don’t contain harmful phosphates will go even further to reducing their environmental impact while staying with Specialist Morocco, which also leads a variety of guided tours into the desert – by camel, 4×4, or on foot.

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5 thoughts on “Morocco’s Tourism Season Kicks off With Luxury Eco-Camping”

  1. gomoco says:

    Hi Indigo, Actually, the best desert in Morocco is down south at Laayoune (El Aaiún).

    It’s almost opposite the Canary islands.
    Totally safe to go there, the dunes are massive and the people are really great.
    You just have to be prepared to put up with endless Police roadblock checkpoints if you are driving from north Morocco to Laayoune. But, it’s so worth it.

    Much better than staying in some “Eco” project, when no scientific study has ever been done about how the tourist industry could become green successfully.

  2. Mustapha Ahitass says:

    This campsite is no ecological at all since the owner is sucking people and charging a fortune for what he calls eco-friendly services. All in all , a reap-off ¡¡¡¡

  3. Indigosafari says:

    i think the best sahara desert in morocco is Merzouga/Erg Chebbi

  4. gomoco says:

    Yes, but by driving 7 hours into the desert in a non shared vehicle, i think they would do more eco-damage than other tourists who take tours in shared vehicles.

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