Pixel Hotel Tel Aviv Is A Little Love Shack (Photos)

pixel hotel tel aviv, lifeguard shackFrom Linz to Tel Aviv: the lifeguard loveshack, a future Pixel Hotel in Tel Avi rendering.

Tafline reported last week on the unusual and super neat project of Pixel Hotels. The idea started in Linz, Austria where unconventional and unused urban properties like garages or spaces within galleries – like a trailer in a gallery – is converted into micro-hotel rooms for unconventional tourists. I stayed in a room in a castle in Syria, all alone with my travel mate Kara about ten years ago. And it was a true in your face cultural experience with Syrian ghosts and all, but this new Pixel Hotel concept is a gorgeous green way to change the face of bland and severely overpriced hotel rooms. Read on for pictures and more.

pixel hotel artists lifeguard tel aviv beach

Three Israelis applied for the license: Lila Chitayat, Anat Safran and Alon Chitaya, and now working with the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality and the Atlas Hotel chains the group are making Pixel Hotels in Tel Aviv. They won’t be like Linz, but fashioned in the Israeli spirit.

I spoke with a rep from the Atlas Hotels this week Michael Hay and he told me that the first hotel, on a trial basis, will be built on the beach of Tel Aviv.

pixel hotel tel aviv, austria beach shack lifeguard

A lifeguard shack not in use in the winter months December through March will be converted into a one room hotel. Exclusive pictures above and below. The buff Israeli lifeguards who have no compunction about telling kids and parents how to behave on the beach, are also known for their stud-muffinness. They will most likely enjoy the cabin post-conversion more than any tourist. Pretty swanky.

pixel hotel tel aviv

The team of artists and partners also plan on converting spaces in the Jaffa Port into hotels, as well as the old water towers dotted throughout the city.

I *heart* water towers and have always dreamed of living in one. Either a water tower or a lighthouse. Pixel people: please invite us Green Prophets for a stay once your fabulous eco projects come to life!

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