Go Green Ceramic Frying Pans and Pots Slashed to 50% Off

ceramic pots
An anonymous Green Prophet reader took this photo today at a shopping mall in Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Center. Go Green ceramic frying pans and pots are slashed to 50 percent off. This follows the picture that Maurice took last week of the fire sale of ceramic cookware in another shopping market. Clearly Israeli shopping centers are trying to offload these products after suspicious reports of dangers in the cookware were asked by a local investigative TV show.

If the outer coatings are found to have dangerous levels of cadmium and lead, and if these could cause potential health effects, does this make a store liable? They are after all selling these products with full knowledge that the jury is still out on whether or not ceramic pots and pans in Israel are dangerous?

These pans have been marketed as environmentally sound and safe. It is not clear whether or not this brand Naaman was implicated in the testing, but it does appear that the supermarkets are looking to get rid of these items.

If readers have any details about this brand, please let us know.

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