AquaAgro Fund II to Focus on Preventing Starvation with Water Investment

starving african childAt its extreme, it is human life itself that is at risk from water scarcity

Can you imagine being this child’s mother? Perhaps she herself is also dying of starvation nearby, too weak to protect her dying child from this vulture that hovers expectantly nearby. Or already dead, perhaps.
It may seem inconceivable that something so horrifying could happen to you and yours. But this actually could be what happens to your own descendants in future centuries, even though you now live near a source of water and food and your life seems safe from such horror now. (New Record Heatwaves Not Like Good Old Dustbowl Days)

Increasing water scarcity is one of the effects of climate change, and the future could eventually be pretty grim for your own descendants if you are in a region that is presently under some water stress, such as the US Southwest or the MENA nations of the Middle East. (Israel Commits Itself to More Desalination)

Fortunately, there is a MENA clean tech firm that is preparing for the increased starvation risk brought about by the drought and water scarcities to come as a result of climate change.

Aguagro Fund is setting up a new $100 million fund through Gaon Agro Industries Ltd. (TASE: GAT) specifically to invest in new water, energy, and smart agriculture technologies. The new fund will shortly launch a financing round among Israeli and foreign investors.

Aquagro Fund II will focus on the global food shortage due to lack of agricultural land and the worsening water situation. It has nine innovative Israeli water tech companies in its portfolio. Along with GE , it has invested in Israel’s biggest water innovation incubator Kinrot Technology Ventures.

“We have not yet finalized the list of companies that will comprise the new fund’s portfolio, but it will focus on the anticipated global food shortage due to the loss of land for agriculture and the worsening water shortage” says Moshe Gaon, chairman of Gaon Holdings.

“We’ll prefer to invest in companies that offer solutions for raising crops in harsh conditions. We will continue to invest in innovative water technologies, smart agriculture, and renewable energy, such as solar and wind power.”

There is no shortage of Israeli innovation in water tech. (How Israel’s NewTECH Is Watering The EconomyIsrael Well Positioned to Meet Growing Gulf Need for New WaterIsrael Reclaims Water Using Nuclear Technology – On CNN) But among the new fund’s investments already: crop genetic engineering company Evogene (TASE: EVGN), which seeks to improve crop traits and Desalintech, which is developing next-generation reverse osmosis desalination.

Image: Kevin Carter

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