Israel Cleantech Intelligence: Desalination and 9 More Headlines

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Environmental Studies in Israel, Enlight Renewable Energy’s recent surge, Leviathan Energy, and more headlines related to Israeli cleantech and the environment.

With the aid of a 700,000 euro grant from Europe Aid, the Local Energy Center launched this past week and will help local authorities reduce stress on the power grid and become more energy efficient. A Tel Aviv University professor is challenging current theories on thin-film solar panels and construction began in central Israel on the world’s largest reverse osmosis desalination plant. For these stories and the rest of this week’s headlines, see below.

In Israel
New English International MA Program in Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv University is greener because of the activity of the campus’s Porter School of Environmental Studies, which is always starting some new eco initiative. Whether it is the construction of the greenest building in Israel, or the cultivation of a community garden, chances are that the Porter School is behind it…

Israel gets ‘energy efficiency center’ with European aid
The “Local Energy Center” was launched Sunday to help local authorities reduce their electricity usage by becoming more efficient…

Israel’s solar-tech takes on new momentum
The Israeli cabinet last December approved a new national master plan that allows for the expansion of solar-powered facilities. Industry specialists said it opened the way for the long-awaited feeding of solar energy into the national electricity grid…

Enlight Advances Most in 6 Weeks on Solar System Deal
Enlight Renewable Energy Ltd. climbed the most in more than six weeks after the developer of photovoltaic systems said it won two tenders to build 13 to 16 rooftop solar systems in Israel…

Tel Aviv University recalculates efficiency paradigm for thin-film solar panels
In recent years, developers have been investigating nanotechnology-based light-harvesting thin-film photovoltaic (PV) solar panels–and promoting efficiency metrics to make the technology marketable. Now, Eran Rabani of Tel Aviv University is providing new evidence to challenge recent “charge” measurements for increasing PV-panel efficiency…

In Israel, the highway is a source for generating electricity
Every time a vehicle passes over the pad, this technology converts the unit’s natural compression into electricity – which is either stored in a battery for immediate use (such as powering the lights or the security cameras along the road), or channeled to the national electricity grid…

Solar + Wind
From solar to wind energy – Israel is open to ideas
Israeli startups Solaris Synergy and Leviathan Energy cleaned up at the Israel national Cleantech Open IDEAS competition. Held in November at Tel Aviv University’s Akirov Institute for Business and Environment, the event was a feature of Global Entrepreneurship Week…

SDL building largest desalination plant in Israel
SDL Desalination Ltd said on Sunday it began construction of the world’s largest reverse osmosis desalination plant, hoping to alleviate the country’s water shortage…

‘Municipalities should always monitor their water quality’
The government should adopt new regulations requiring all water corporations to continuously monitor the quality of the water, Dovev Lewinsohn, CEO of Whitewater Security and Checklight, told The Jerusalem Post last week…

Water, water everywhere and every drop to drink
An Israeli company’s water purification systems deliver safe drinking water from almost any source, including contaminated water, seawater and urine…

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