Big Brother Technology Helps Customers Plan Meals

kraft-intel-meal-plannerNo need to think with Kraft and Intel’s “Meal Planning Solution?”

We have Miriam, the high queen of delicious, nutritious food, who constantly breaks the sound barrier with her inventive ideas. She makes carob balls look as delicious as the goopiest doughnut, while her soups could probably qualify for the highest Michelin award.

For those who don’t cook, ordering a meal from the neighborhood amateur chef might be an idea. But for busy moms on a budget, and with absolutely no imagination whatsoever, perhaps the Kraft/Intel “Meal Planning Solution” might help?

The Big Brother of Supermarkets, Kraft has joined with Intel to develop a technology that scans your face and recommends – based on what it finds there (little old man, busy mom, hungry teenager) – certain products.

Kraft’s VP of retail experience told Fast Company that most people have a tiny repertoire of meals that they prepare – ten or less. So if in the Middle East you only buy hummus and tehina, the kiosk may recommend you expand that repertoire to Baba Ghanoush – depending on your demographics.

If the shopper is so lazy or (more generously) brain-dead from sitting in a cubicle all day, they might swipe their loyalty card and the kiosk will spit out a series of recommendations based on that person’s buying history.

And in a final, Pavlovian sweep that will keep that shopper loyal to probably an upscale suburban market over and over again, the little machine dispenses a small sample that the consumer can munch on while seeking recommended (Kraft) products.

The technology will be shown at the 2011 National Federation show and is part of Intel’s “Connected Store.”

Perhaps what we really need is a machine that makes healthier recommendations. If a twenty-year old boy shows up with greasy pizza written all over his face, the machine should read for an alternative that won’t give the hapless buyer coronary disease by the time he’s fifty!

:: Fast Company

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4 thoughts on “Big Brother Technology Helps Customers Plan Meals”

  1. No worries Miriam! I’m your biggest fan. When I have a stove, I’m going to try my hand at all of your vegetarian recipes – though the ingredients may be harder to find:). Glad you liked the Kochhaus post. I thought that was fascinating too!

  2. Miriam Kresh says:

    Tafline, thank you for the compliments; I’m a bit overwhelmed! But most of all, thank you for this post and the follow-up on the healthier Kochhaus alternative – very, very interesting. In a world where home cooking is becoming a lost way of life, at least there should be real food available to the hurried, hungry shopper.

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  4. I think in 30 years people will enter the Way Back Machine and see this defunct invention and say OMG I can’t believe people in 2011 thought that was a decent way to think about eating. Kraft/Intel desist now before 2040 starts laughing at you.

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