Why Is Maintenance Management Crucial for Your Organization?

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You invest in a gorgeous eco home but you don’t factor in the cost of maintenance, washing windows, docking fees.

The maintenance management process is necessary for an effective and efficient production process in any organization. This process helps companies control their costs and time, optimizing the manufacturing process and utilities. It is effective because it also allows businesses to secure reliable and quality production, protect the environment, and ensure employees’ safety. Assuring these three contributes towards the success of any business. Whenever resources are poorly managed, it can lead to the instability of the production process. 

It can also partially or completely break down the entire process. Malfunctioning and broken machines can be very costly, which negatively affects your budget and operations. Before they can run again, there will be extra expenses resulting from different factors such as repairing costs and the increase in labor costs. These are only a snippet of what you will have to deal with over a long period. Luckily, having an efficient maintenance management system remedies this. This system’s importance cannot be overstated, and here are some of the reasons you need the CMMS tool.

1.Maintenance efforts are often misguided

When you conduct misguided maintenance activities, it can be counterproductive, which leads to unnecessary downtime. Often, maintenance professionals perform unproductive, unnecessary, or inefficient tasks. Carrying out maintenance on equipment and machinery that does not need it will ultimately lead to usage of parts, unnecessary downtime, and labor costs. 

It is not uncommon for technicians to sacrifice their wrench time to enter and retrieve data, write status reports, and process other types of paperwork. Furthermore, misaligning, incorrectly re-assembling, and carrying out other maintenance errors will end up reducing the reliability of your equipment. Utilizing CMMS best practices will be the best way to avoid this and only carry out maintenance when necessary.

2.Increasing complexity

As each day passes, equipment and buildings are becoming more and more automated, which was not the case a few years ago. Automation adds to this complexity. For instance, automated HVAC, auxiliary power, pneumatic systems, and other technologies are increasingly being used in commercial and industrial buildings. 

The costs that might be incurred in case these systems break down is a matter of concern to maintenance management professionals. More concerning is that these professionals are being asked and expected to do more using very little even though these systems continue growing in complexity.

3. The potential of incurring high costs for doing nothing

Sometimes maintenance costs can account for well over half of the total operating cost of a plant. When the maintenance team fails to follow up on scheduled preventative maintenance, premature breakdown of these machines is inevitable. If your plants and equipment are relatively older with substantial wear, their operation is risky, and repair and maintenance costs are much higher. 

Apart from these direct repair costs, there is also a risk of the workflow stops, missing business opportunities, and production of defective or damaged products. Your relationship with your clients may also be negatively impacted due to emergency inventory purchasing, employee overtime, and production downtime.

4.The old methods don’t work anymore

In the past, most managing maintenance systems have been manual and included things such as memo files, log boards, and index cards. Such methods are ineffective, cumbersome, and incomplete. Moreover, they are not used consistently, which further reduces the minimal benefits that they offer. Using a computerized maintenance management system will prove more profitable for your business.

5.Increasing competition

Competitive marketplace pressures are increasing, and business owners and maintenance managers strive to find new and innovative ways of containing and controlling the cost of running a business. Subsequently, asset management and equipment maintenance are now being seen as a management field that could potentially profit organizations.

In today’s world, having an efficient and organized management maintenance operations system is necessary for any organization’s success. CMMS offers you a range of valuable and practical tools needed by maintenance workers to carry out their tasks efficiently.

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