Qatar Sends UN Proposal To Bury Carbon And Export More

qatar-energy-unSubmitted to the UN, Qatar’s carbon capture program protects the Emirates’ LNG exports.

Despite branding itself as an environmentally-friendly Emirate, the dubious World Cup bid demonstrates a tremor in Qatar’s overall eco-heartbeat. Qatar is also the world’s largest exporter of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), which emits almost half as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as coal, but still releases 117,000 pounds per billion btu of energy. Acknowledging that it contributes significantly to international carbon levels, Qatar submitted a carbon capture and storage plan to the United Nations.According to Gulf in the Media, the Deputy Premier and Energy Minister presented Qatar’s carbon stance at the Doha Carbon and Energy Forum.

“We have officially submitted to the UN a proposal for a new methodology that could enable carbon dioxide capture and storage in geological formations to be part of the clean development mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol,” he said.

Minister HE Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah added that the plan could go a long way to reducing the global emissions of greenhouse gases that are responsible for climate change. As outspoken as al-Attiyah is against emissions, the potential carbon capture scheme seems like an excellent excuse to maintain Qatar’s position as the largest exporter of LNG.

“We understand the demand that exists for clean energy and know that LNG (liquefied natural gas) is the only answer,” he said.

The Middle East is exploring various other energy options that are considerably cleaner than LNG – such as solar energy – that are also more sustainable in the long run. LNG is definitely not the only clean energy option, though it is admirable that the Emirate is pushing for rapid commercialization of technology that can improve energy efficiency and stave off carbon emissions.

:: Gulf in the Media

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