Bahrain University Exhibits Eco-Friendly Inventions Created by Students

"bahrain university student project"Bright green ideas from Bahrain University students were showcased at a campus exhibit last week.

Since universities are supposed to train the next generation of thinkers, creators, and doers, it is only fitting that the projects generated by their students be showcased and highlighted in order to encourage new ideas.  At Bahrain University, apparently, the value of student projects is not lost on the administration – to the contrary, they celebrate student work and exhibit it.  This was the case last week when a two-day exhibition of eco-related student projects took place at the university under the patronage of University President Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Janahi.

The projects represented a wide range of technical and scientific fields, and were very diverse.  72 students of applied science, marketing, English language, communications, and literature submitted projects for the exhibition.

Project examples included water recycling systems, solar powered heating and cooling systems, and eco-friendly toys for kids.

Yusif Habib and Abdulla Ahmed, for example, created a filtration system that reused the water in mosque washrooms.  With their system, the gray water generated from the washrooms is rerouted to irrigate gardens surrounding the mosque.

Habib said that the idea was initially given to them by their professor, but that he and his partner then developed it futher.  “The water used for washing before prayer time is usually sent down the drain but with this filter system it can be recycled, which is very important in this region as water is scarce,” he said.

The exhibition was organized by the Student Development Department at the Deanship of Student Affairs.

: Gulf Daily News

Image via: Rick’s Images

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