Pick A Global Work Party In The Middle East: 10-10-10

global-work-partyJoin hands with your fellows in the Middle East on 10-10-10 and drive down atmospheric carbon concentrations.

There is no better way to subvert the status quo than to join hands with like-minded people on a similar carbon-reduction mission. Bill McKibben is the brains behind 350.org, an international non-profit organization that seeks to reduce atmospheric carbon concentrations to a healthier level of 350 parts per million. Now he is flanked by an army of gentle activists and ordinary citizens who believe not only that the cause is worthwhile, but that cooperative community activity can be really fun, and lead to genuine change.

So, whether you are in Israel, Turkey or the United Arab Emirates, where our very own “Green Sheikh” will be rolling up his sleeves to slow climate change, it is possible to join an existing global work party event, or to create your own. There will be a three-day bike ride to raise awareness of the Jordan River, which is knocking on death’s door, tree-planting, community workshops, and more. 
Some of these work parties are accompanied by a description and a map, while others aren’t. For more information, click on the event in your town and country and you will be led to a page where you can request further information.

Workparty in Abu Qirqas

Workparty in Acre
Workparty in Afula

In addition to bringing attention to the Jordan River, this cross-border cycling tour along the Lower Jordan River and the Dead Sea will draw attention to the benefits of eco-tourism, and to cycling as a healthy transportation alternative.

The ride will be a 3-day event, starting in Jordan on 8/10, going on the Israel and finishing in the Palestinian Territories at the Dead Sea on the day of the Global Work Party, 10/10.

10 KENT 350 BİSİKLET – Adana
Workparty in Adana
Workparty in Adapazarı
Workparty in Adıyaman

United Arab Emirates:
10/10/10 Global Work Party / IndyAct & Be-E @ Abu Dhabi

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