IBM Transfer IT Know-how to Water Conservation in Israel

IBM water IT israel photoIBM to create new flow models and smart grid water solutions based on Israeli high-tech expertise.

Scientists at IBM’s research facility in Haifa will launce a number of pilot programs both in Israel, the US and China that will use algorithms developed for the IT world to detect water leaks and ever predict possible pipe bursts, the Jerusalem Post is reporting.

Pnina Vortman, senior manager and Smarter Planet Solutions leader with IBM told the paper that they have developed a number of algorithms that could be used to prevent water loss from broken pipes, streamline maintenance and reduce general water loss.

However, this does not mean that the company will now start to manufacture sensors that will measure the water flow. Instead they will harvest the data already provided from sensors and smart vales that are already in use or will be in he near future; in many municipalities across the country and use that information to create flow models.

The models will then be used create a ‘normal’ flow model that will then be used to compare to data of the day to day flow, so that in case of an leak or burst that water company will know of it instantly and be able fix it.

As opposed to as today when most leaks are reported to the company by consumers complaining about not having any water and repair team is then dispatched resulting in a lengthy and costly leak.

For a country such as Israel, where the streets and airwaves every summer are filled with campaigns urging its population to conserver water and winter rains are usually greeted with a sigh and the words ‘well lets hope it fills up the Kinnneret [Sea of Galilee]’, the implementation could be very important. And water experts in Israel are asking for such solutions.

Another advantage of the new IBM algorithms is that it may be used to reduce the constant high pressure kept in water pipes that firefighters will have instant access in case of emergencies. The backside of this is however that the pressure wears the pipes down and increase both the risk of leaks and maintenance cost, the new system could be used keep the water less pressurized and if needed the pressure could be increase at a certain spot.

IBM’s Smarter Planet Solutions initiative is also conducted research in energy, water, transportation, healthcare, finance and safety.

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::IBM’s Smarter Water Management website

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