Celebrate Shavuot at Vertigo Eco-Arts Village, A Great Alternative to All That Cheese

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Celebrate an alternative and dance-themed Shavuot at Vertigo Dance Company’s Eco-Arts Village. [image via: avinatan]

If you’re a vegetarian (or a vegawarian), Shavuot may be one of your favorite holidays.  During Shavuot you traditionally eat dairy (and lots of it), so the main meal is a vegetarian.

But if you’re lactose intolerant, that’s no fun at all.  Luckily, there’s more to Shavuot than eating a lot of cheese (and cheesecake).  For the third year in a row, the Vertigo Eco-Arts Village will be hosting a special two-day Shavuot Hagiga event packed with yoga, dance performances, a Shavuot picnic, Tikkun Shavuot (the traditional study of excerpts from the beginning and end of the 24 books of the Jewish Tanakh), Tai Chi, and workshops.

Located in Israel’s Ellah Valley (between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv), the Eco-Arts Village was founded by the Vertigo Dance Company in order to “foster artistic creation engaged with the environment.”  The village often hosts environmental workshops (such as building wind turbines), and what is special about Vertigo is that they are always looking for ways to combine environmental living with creativity.

Check out the clip below of last year’s Shavuot festivities at the Vertigo Eco-Arts village:

If you’re interested in their 2-day eco/artistic Shavuot celebration, here’s a list of events:

Tuesday 18/5

Arrival 14:30

15:30 Vijnana Yoga with Mia Goldstein

16:00 Morning lesson with Noa Dar

17:00 Acro-Yoga with Avner Hochfeld

17:30 Repertoire for dancers / actors with Michal Herman

18:30 Gathering and reception in movement

*Shavuot picnic dressed in white

21:00 “Guf el Guf” a collection of performances: “Subtext” by Nimrod Fried/Tami Group,”Anu” by Noa Dar, “Hahavura” by Michal Herman

22:00 Shavuot night – Tikkun with Baruch Brenner

22:00 Jam contact and dance

Wednesday 19/5

6:30 Tai Chi at sunrise with Nimrod Koren

9:00 Japanese Dance workshop with Nimrod Fried

9:00 Contact Improvisation with Danya Elraz

11:00 Body Voice workshop with Ofri Eliaz

11:00 Movement and texts from the origins with Rina and Baruch

12:30 Workshop with Nadine Bommer

12:30 “Bikurey Yetzira” first creations of young artists and dancers in various stage arts

15:00 “Silent” dance by Arkadi Zaides and talk with the audience

16:45 Connecting with the Heart with Merav Goldenberg

16:45 Contemporary Dance workshop with Hillel Kogan

16:45 “Freedom of movement” – a collection of performances with “Osef Prati” by Sally Anne Friedlander, “Manimation” by Nadine Bomer, “Hakol” by Hillel Kogan

21:00 “Vertigo and the Diamonds” Vertigo Dance Company”

For more information about the Shavuot celebration and to register, click here.

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  1. I saw Vertigo the other night at the Dan David Prize gala event. Very powerful.

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