Chicago Muslims Take Their Green Lifestyles to the Streets

The largest Muslim-led festival in the US, Takin’ It to the Streets, will feature arts, music, activities, and how to be green.

The Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN) is currently putting together a free festival in Chicago that will take place on June 19th.  Expected to be the largest Muslim-led festival in the US, Takin’ It to the Streets will bring together an estimated 20,000 people to take part in arts and music performances, forums, and a variety of activities.  And while those 20,000 people are there, they’ll also learn a little about what it means to be a green Muslim.

The aim of Takin’ It to the Streets is “to bring the arts, spirituality, and a passion for justice together to unite diverse communities and inspire social change.”

In accordance with that goal, workshops at the festival will include tips for living a greener and healthier lifestyle, as well as instructions for getting involved in IMAN’s campaign for building healthy, sustainable communities.  Local and national business owners and individuals who have successfully implemented green standards will also be talking to those interested.

And also, perhaps most importantly for those who need a push towards environmentalism, people will be shown affordable and effective solutions to environmental problems.

And for those who like to mix their environmentalism with entertainment, the festival will host over 100 artists from around the world, including Mos Def, Outlandish, and Tinariwen.

For more information, visit the Takin’ It to the Streets website.

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