A Day on Our Planet (Interactive Virtual Tour of Planet Earth)

See Virtual Tour of Earth at night.

It’s easy to forget sometimes what all this is for. With Earth Hour behind us and Earth Day coming in a little less than a month it can be overwhelming when we are bombarded by the media: “Do this for Earth Hour” and “If you don’t do that you obviously don’t care enough.” It can get tedious.

You may have come across the maps of earth compiled of satellite photos. As you know, there is no one point in time that Earth is entirely in the dark, or entirely in the light, as presented below. These images were stitched together from the highest quality, and cloudless, photos of every inch of the planet.

Image credit: NASA
Image credit: ESA

The images above are breathtaking, to say the least (click on them for full view).

I have compiled them into inverted globes (imagine the globe inside out). You put each one into full screen mode, using your mouse, or the controls embedded in the virtual tour you can zoom in or navigate to any point on the globe.

Tonight begins the holiday of Passover. The holiday when Jews around the world celebrate their ancestors, the Israelites, escaping from slavery in Egypt. Passover is often taken as a time, by not only Jews, to reassess the concepts of freedom, slavery and redemption.

Sometimes, just taking stock of what we have, and what we would like to achieve, can help us refocus on what we need to be doing and not get distracted by the hype of “what we should be doing.”

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