Jordanian EU Ambassador Ahmad Massaadeh Named Mediterranean Union Chief

ahmad maassaadeh photoWhen Jordanian EU Ambassador Ahmad Massadeh’s name was proposed as the new head of the Mediterranean Union Project on Tuesday, everyone applauded.  The project has been stalled due to infighting, and other representatives are hopeful about Massaadeh’s ability to make progress.

The Mediterranean Union Project, which was launched by French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris in July 2008, brings together around 40 nations from the EU, North Africa, the Balkans, and the Middle East.  It attempts to foster cooperation among these nations.

The priorities of the Union are to combat pollution in the Mediterranean Sea, increase solar energy usage, build land and sea highways, and cooperate on higher education and research.  The Union hopes that these goals will be achieved through joint infrastructure projects that will improve regional cooperation.

In his new position, Massaadeh will be based in Barcelona and have Israeli, Palestinian, Turkish and Arab League deputies.

Massaadeh is both a lawyer and a diplomat, and has previously served as Jordan’s Ambassador to the EU, Belgium, Norway, and Luxembourg, as well as the representative to NATO.

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