Annual Green Sukkah Conference Taking Place Again in Kibbutz Ein Shemer

green sukkah conference israelThe high holidays keep marching on, and after a reflective and sustainable Rosh Hashanah (and Yom Kippur) comes a (hopefully green) Sukkot.

The ecological greenhouse in Kibbutz Ein Shemer will be hosting their annual Green Sukkah Conference again (we wrote about it last year as well) with this year’s topic being “The Water Crisis as Opportunity.”

To be held on Monday, October 5th (and if you’d like to participate please register in advance at, the day-long conference will be attended by activists from a wide variety of organizations.  Some of the organizations that will be represented are Adam Teva V’Din and the Mekorot Water Company.  Knesset member Nitzan Horowitz will also be present.

The conference will begin at 10am with introductions, and the first lecture of the day will be given by Nitzan Horowitz on the subject of “The Water World: On the Global Water Crisis, Causes and Consequences.”

Around noon a panel discussion will be held about ideas and solutions for coping with the global water crisis and how water should be dealt with in Israel in particular from a scientific, educational, social, and planning vantage point.

For more information on the conference or to register as a participant, log onto or contact Noam Geva at gevanoam[at] or 04-6374160.

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