Jordan Water Company Organized Water Festival for Kids, With a Focus on Conservation

jordan water conservation festivalLast week we heard about the Jordan Water Company (Miyahuna) going into private homes in Amman and installing water conservation devices, but now they’ve gone straight to Jordan’s youth.

Aiming to raise children’s awareness of the importance of water conservation, the Jordan Water Company held its first ever children’s water festival in Amman last Tuesday.  350 kids between the ages of six and twelve participated.

According to Miyahuna Executive Director Zakareya Tarawneh, the festival aimed “to inculcate a sense of responsibility amongs children in terms of the value of water, water use and the commitment to do something to protect water.”  He added that it was important to educate children on the real and positive impact they could have on the preservation of water resources.

Miyahuna Communication and Marketing Manager, Joumana Ayed, said that “our goal is to initiate the process of children’s behavioral change towards water by engaging them in practical exercises on ways to protect, restore and conserve water.”

The hope is that children conserving water would inspire adults around them – family and friends – to conserve water, too.

One of the activities at the festival was a play, “Miyahuna with Farah and Rayan,” which told the story of two siblings that encourage their neighbors to reduce water use in order to reduce their water bills and conserve the limited water supply.  As part of another activity, children brought drawings representing their views on water scarcity in Jordan.

Considering the fact that Jordan is the world’s fourth water-poorest country, water conservation is an extremely important issue.  And fostering good water conservation habits in citizens from a young age is a good place to start.

:: Jordan Times

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