Dov Khenin Will Take Your Questions Now

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Dov Khenin, Tel Aviv’s greenest mayoral candidate, will be speaking this Monday in Hebrew at Etz BaIr (CityTree), which is on Bialik Street 23 in Tel Aviv.

Khenin is currently a Knesset Member representing Hadash, a joint Jewish-Arab Communist party. He speaks often in Tel Aviv on issues relating to the environment and the income gaps between Israel’s poorest and wealthiest groups.

He is running for mayor on the “Ir Lekulanu” (City For All) party ticket against the incumbent Ron Huldai. His platform includes renovating Tel Aviv’s public transportation, reducing income gaps, solving the parking crisis and improving education.

The PR kit for his candidacy has been creative. The ad above is for the Dov T-shirt, which you can buy at Colortouch, 03-6293031, on Ibn Gvirol at the Landon mall, near the Tzavta Club and McDonalds. Tell them you want the Dov Khenin shirt; it costs 20 shekels.

dov khenin tel aviv green mayor image

(This is the graffiti stencil being circulated so activists can spraypaint the city walls: (“Dov Khenin Wants You at the Ballot 11.11”))

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6 thoughts on “Dov Khenin Will Take Your Questions Now”

  1. Moshe Zalman says:

    מערכת סולארית לאזרח פשוט על גג בנין משותף חלק יחסי משטח הגג למרות התנגדות שכנים. צריכים ללחיץ חברי כנסת ישראל וכל עיריה לתת כל אזרח בארץ סובסד נגד עלות מערכת הסולרית וכמו כן בניה חדשה. התקנה במחיר 40,000₪, ולקבל 13,200 לשנה למשך 20 שנה 264,000₪! לקבל חוזה של חברת חשמל לחשמל חינם חייב להוציא היתר בניה, בבנין משותף להחתים שכנים הסכמה לפרוס על חלקי שטחם או שלא, והתחייבות על נזק. צריך חשמלאי מוסמך מוכן יהיה לבצע העבודה לשאת באחריות. תביא בעל רקע בעבודות הגג להכין ולהתקין מעמד ל 16 פאנלים, אדריכל על גרמושקה על יציבות גג.

  2. michelle says:

    too bad he didn’t win. tel aviv peeps, you sucked a*s in this election. what’s up with not showing up to vote? i voted Nir Barkat and Nir Barkat won – and his team too – which includes none other than former SPNI-Jerusalem Director Naomi Tsur – a powerhouse on green issues. you had an amazing person to stand up for, a real candidate, and you let him be outdone by the laissez faire incumbent? pathetic.

  3. [*name.txt*] says:

    One quick question. What is everyone’s thoughts about converting your house to run on solar power? has anyone looked into this? Does anyone know of any sites that show you how to get something like this up and running?

  4. Michael says:

    If done the right way, graffiti can actually help breathe new life into otherwise neglected urban areas.

    In Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, for example, graffiti artists have taken over and renovated abandoned buildings and turned them into public spaces.

  5. Daniella says:

    Jared – point taken, that is ironic. But the email I got was from a blogger, not from Khenin himself, if that counts for anything. Is it possible that the stencils will be spraypainted with soy-based inks?

  6. Jared says:

    Is anyone else reeling from the irony of “Tel Aviv’s greenest mayoral candidate” circulating a graffiti stencil “so activists can spray-paint the city walls”? Will someone please ask him on Tuesday what kind of cleaning product he plans to use to remove all that paint after the elections?!?

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