Inbal Dayagi Designs a Boom Box With Eco Soul

Inbar Dayagi, boom box ipod alternative

Boombox by Inbal Dayagi

For whatever reason, the Ipod and its classic white earphones have become a symbol of music and street cool. People use them on the street, on the bus, on the train, in a plane… they’re everywhere.

But Ipods just aren’t Israeli designer Inbal Dayagi‘s style. Nope. She’s too funky and too green for that.

Guided by the principal of keeping things clean, smart, and simple, Inbal has created a sustainable music player on wheels that recharges itself as it grooves along. In other words, its a cooler, more portable, funkier version of the wind-up radio.

Simply named the “Boom Box“, the design of this music player is based on the ever-popular hula hoop toy and it’s sure to get some looks on the street. With its clever green functionality and super cool design, how could it not?

So take that, Ipod!

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