Ecolnoa ‘Eco-Cinema’ Film Festival In Jerusalem

ecolnoa, israel's eco-cinema premieres in jerusalem presenting eco-films imageIf you love the moving image as much as us here at Green Prophet, and believe in its power as an agent of change as well as information and entertainment, here’s advance notice of the 5th ‘Eco-Cinema Festival’, which opens tomorrow night at Jerusalem’s Cinemateque on Hebron Road.

Opening with Israeli director Uri Rosenwaks new film, ‘Garbage Country’, previewed in a Green Prophet post here, the festival contains a wonderful variety of films all with an environmental message, ranging from angry polemics to the fun and the frivolous. Short films, longer documentaries and animations, from all over the world, feature across the 5 day festival; some selective highlights we have picked out below.

‘Garbage Country’ is at 9.00 on thursday 15th may, after the opening party and speeches which begin at 8.00.

‘Addicted to Plastic’ (1985) is on friday 16th at 2.00. This is a feature-length documentary about finding solutions to the growing problem of pollution from plastic. This project was filmed over 3 years, in 12 countries on 5 continents. the director Ian Connacher will be present to discuss the project and answer questions after the screening.

‘The Queen of Trees’(2006) follows at 3.30 on friday afternoon. This subtle film explores the delicate interwoven eco-system of insects, birds and vertebrates that live in an around an African fig tree.

‘Khadak’ (2006) on saturday is a stunning drama that exposes the tension between nomadic life on the Mongolian steppe (which worships the natural world), and the economic push for mining which rips huge holes in the once pristine landscape. Read a previous Green Prophet review of this wonderful film here.

‘Waste=Food’ (2005) shows the collaberation between an American designer and a German chemist who try to link every product made to this simple formula: waste=food. But their plan unravels due to power and politics..

‘The 11th Hour’ (2007) on sunday 18th at 5.00. This is Leonardo Di Caprio’s contribution to the education campaign raising awareness of the threats posed by climate change. I think its a more watchable and hard-hitting film than Al Gore’s ‘The Inconvienient Truth’. Well worth watching.

‘Being Caribou’ on monday 19th at 5.00. This is an awareness-raising film made to highlight the threat to the Caribou Herd in the Arctic, which is being threatened by the proposed exploitation of the oil and gas reserves there. The film follows the Caribou across 1,500 kilometres of rugged Arctic tundra. Gripping.

‘Garbage Warrior’ (2007) unfortunately also on monday 19th at 5, in the smaller cinema, is this must-see polemical study of green architect Michael Hodges, who builds truly eco structures around the world. Read a previous glowing Green Prophet review here. A must for anyone who plans or hopes to live in a green house.

‘Earth’ (2007) (on friday 16th at 10.00 and monday 19th at 7.30) is BBC TV’s finest film: over 5 years, using 31 cinematographers across 200 locations, directors Alastair Fothergill & Mark Linfield made the most profound cinematic study of what life on earth looks like in many of its varied forms. Don’t miss the rare chance to see this on the big screen. Powerful filmmaking, both subtle and dramatic.

These are only my selective highlights, pulled out of a packed programme. If you see someone wandering round with red eyes, who looks as though he’s been in a cinema for 4 solid days, come and say hello!

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5 thoughts on “Ecolnoa ‘Eco-Cinema’ Film Festival In Jerusalem”

  1. Jagdish Kulkarni says:


    I am an educational video producer from Nashik , India . I have produced a video series on the topic of ‘Environmental Awareness’.

    I have some new films on the topic on Ecology and Environment, sustainable development and conservation. I wish to send my films to your Film Festival of 2009.

    Please inform me the procedure to submit the films.

    Please reply,


    Jagdish Kulkarni

  2. patrick says:

    just saw 11th Hour myself; the “Nature’s Operating Instructions” extra feature is especially interesting… apparently there is some amazing technology built into nature, a lot there that we should use as a model for our own technology

  3. james says:

    Hi Sophie, yes thats right – I’m just back from the opening ceremony and they mentioned Tel Aviv, Sderot, Rosh Pina … and maybe more. Apologies – easy to get very Jerusalem focussed!

  4. Sophie Ohana says:

    Hi James
    I think the festival is running concurrently in several of Israel’s cities as well as in Rosh Pina from the 22nd to the 24th of May.

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