Mr. Fusion: Fuel from Trash

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Marty has just arrived back from 1955, we hear a sonic boom. Marty turns around and sees Doc Brown’s Dolorean drive up behind him. Doc impresses on Marty that he must return with him to the future to fix a mishap of his son. In order to fuel the time machine Doc rummages through Marty’s trash and pulls out a banana peel. a can of beer and some egg shells, pops them into “Mr. Fusion” and walla! No need for a bolt of lightning to power this trip…

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to harness the power of trash?

Shai Pinczewski, founder and CEO of waste disposal company REN Waste explains: “The whole idea is to have a self-sustaining solution that eliminates 100% of the waste steam, doesn’t damage the environment, and can produce efficient clean energy. We brought in every different technology we need to achieve a complete breakdown in waste”

Pinczewski’s plant offers a complete alternative to traditional methods including incineration or landfills and eliminates the need for complimentary waste disposal treatments. Garbage and sewage are bought to the plant, shredded, run through magnetic sorters, separated, and tipped into a bio-chemical oxidation chamber for seven days for aerobic digestion.

After fermentation, a pyrolysis plant breaks down waste rubber, plastics and unfermentable organic matter. By the end of the process the waste has been separated and segregated into component materials and concentrated to a high degree of purity. Byproducts of this process including electricity, ethanol, metal, potable water, glass and gas that can be resold turning a huge financial burden into a cash cow.

Municipal waste is an environmental hazard that pollutes air, land and groundwater resources. It causes health hazards ranging from skin and eye infections to lethal diseases. It also costs world consumers billions of dollars a year in disposal costs. In the US alone, waste production has tripled from 88 million tons in 1960 to close to 250 million tons today and in New York, the cost of garbage disposal ranges from $80 to $150 a ton. In Europe it costs about 110-115 Euros.

“On some things we won’t make a lot of money, but the idea is that it won’t cost anything and we will be able to get rid of the waste completely,” says Pinczewski. “It’s good for the environment, good for us, and good for the world.”

We hope that every city around the world implements Pinczewski’s plant. Perhaps one day Doc Brown’s rummaging to create electricity will not see so futuristic.

Source: Israel21c

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3 thoughts on “Mr. Fusion: Fuel from Trash”

  1. Dr. Emmet Brown says:

    Well, yes, you are right the Mr. Fusion did infact deliver the energy for the Flux Capacitor – in German wrongly translated Fluxkompensator.

    But now as years passed by and still 5 Years ahead of 2015 a german inventor realised a Mr. Fusion to run the car… instead of the Flux Capacitor (The timemachin is not inventet yet 🙂
    It only is a kind of reaktor that supports the normal engine and it runs with waste.

    Here is a link:

    (again there is a wrong translation, because they refere to the Fluxkompensator/Flux Capacitor – but what they mean is the Mr. Fusion “Home Energy Reaktor”)

    enjoy Doc

  2. my mistake, thanks for pointing that out =)

  3. BttF fan says:

    This would be great if the Mr Fusion powered the Delorean. Watch the movie again, it only powered the Flux Capacitor!

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