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Naomi of Abu Yoyo

They’re up, then they’re down. Up, then down. The story with the billboards along the Tel Aviv Ayalon Highway is a bit of a yo yo. Activists fight to have them taken down for polluting our collective consciousness and then advertisers win the battle and the billboards are up again.

That’s why we excited to hear about Naomi’s Abu YoYo (meaning piggyback ride) company which is designing goods from billboard waste. Check out her kitchen accessories for drying dishes, bags and office products.

Naomi writes Green Prophet, “In my small studio in Tel-Aviv I am designing and producing bags and accessories for the office and home, which are all made of used advertisment banners.


“In the struggle to forbid the large ads in Tel Aviv and on the highways, little is said about the material those things are made out of … well, it’s plastic, a very toxic variety, and tons of it is disposed of in unfriendly ways. (Only in Tel Aviv, at least 6,900 meters of it are produced and disposed of every month!).”


Naomi’s idea is not entirely new. We’ve heard of projects like this from Berlin, but we love how design and social consciousness are now merging in Israel.

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    Our company is sourcing for Used Billboard Banners. We can buy this used material in bulk. We can import between 100MTon and 300MTon on monthly basis. If you can supply, please do contact me asap.

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