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I want to share with Green Prophet a great site that encourages participants worldwide, not only here in Israel, or in the UK where it is based, but every computer-using sentient being anywhere, to cut down their energy output: be it water, waste, or carbon in general … and monitor their own reduction levels, and that of the entire user group.

The Guardian website has initiated a project called ‘Tread Lightly’ which gives us all the means to collectively and responsibly focus on one aspect of energy use for one week at a time, and pledge to cut down on that energy use.

The trick is of course to do that for longer than a week, but if it gets people into the habit, then all well and good. The weekly pledge gives several options: to reduce a little, a lot, or even not at all that particular week, with an email nudge delivered to your inbox a week later.

Pledges over the past few weeks with particular relevance to us here include reducing unnecessary car journeys – walking rather than driving, where possible. In the crazy car culture of the Middle East, getting a few cars off the road is a great thing, nu? Or car sharing, maybe …. Also, showering rather than bathing, even though the rain here is on its glorious way.

It is a great site to be a part of and share with others as it gives a sense of communal change – we as individuals struggling to make a difference is one thing, but seeing an online community (currently 3738 people) also committing to recycle more, giving up baths, or wash clothes at a lower temperature, and as a result save 18 tonnes of carbon, is a heart-warming and planet-greening achievement.

A recent pledge to reduce energy useage through using less christmas lights may not stir much response here in the Holy Land, but adaptation is the key, and who knows, if this takes off, there might be a Tread Lightly site in the future for Israelis…………………………..

::Tread Lightly

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