SmartBrick lets you play with LEGO to build your home – for real


Following the news that 3D printed homes from China can be built in 24 hours, comes a new Israeli invention called SmartBrick.

The company owned by Ronnie Zohar has invented a new material solution for the building industry: bricks that are modular and which stack, creating both form and function for new housing. Cost: 50 percent less than current building materials.

Connected by glue the SmartBrick looks like LEGO blocks but the sides of the bricks can unlock revealing wiring and inner support structures. Each one costs about $25 dollars and the first building will be ready in two years the company states.

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Imagine home repairs? Or renovations? Want to rewire your home? No problem with the SmartBrick.

For now the blocks are made from cement but “greener” materials of the future could be used to print these bricks of the future, according to the company which states a significant cost savings, about half the price of a home. The blocks can be assembled to be part of the floor, wall, and roof.

Start with a first floor building and just build up. The same basic block can create towers.

The company seeks $3 million in financing to move ahead, and up.

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