SLIDESHOW: Ancient Penis Headstones Stirring Up Erotic Fantasies in Iran

penis headstones graves iran
Environmental art can take many forms, but at the core the concept is the juxtaposition of humankind’s relationship with nature. Many artists create their works by using recycled products turning them into aesthetic images; others interact with the forces of nature – wind or water, for example – to reveal something about our world in the process. Others re-envision the delicate balance between humans and our planet, making statements about our role in the stewardship of Mother Earth. A modern day example of the latter is Spencer Tunick’s plans to photograph naked Israelis at the Dead Sea. But it’s an ancient display of art in Iran that is capturing imaginations in a remote area of the country…penises. Everywhere.


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Tinamarie combines her interests in two of her favorite topics – relationships and the environment – for As our eco-sexpert, she explores ways to make our personal lives more sustainable, whether it’s between a couple, the sheets or our ears. While eco-sexuality is a new term and still unfamiliar to many, being conscious about what we use in moments of intimacy is connected to better stewardship of the planet.The idea that green is sexy and sex can be green is one she is thoroughly enjoying discovering. This married mom of two also believes we owe it to our children to teach them to love themselves, each other, and the environment for futures to come. Intimacy isn’t something we are born knowing. Neither is good stewardship of the earth.In her spare time, she muses about sacred sexuality, conscious love, intimacy, feminism and parenting as the top-rated Modern Love column for and several other media outlets. She composes poetry (mostly in her heart), mediates (when time allows), rides horses in the Galilee, and searches for delicious parve dessert recipes. She considers chocolate a righteous sin, and won’t give up a single pair of red shoes.You can find her on Facebook, follow her on twitter @ModernLoveMuse, or send her an email at tinamarie (at)

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