Semi-Sustainable Berber Agriculture

The verdant valleys in the Toubkal National Park stand in stark contrast to the dry, red mountain sides. After my last visit to Toubkal National Park in Morocco’s high Atlas Mountains, where I ungracefully scrambled to the summit of its namesake in order to prove to myself and the world that I am cool enough […]


Fenugreek seeds linked to E. coli Outbreak

The EU has banned 10% of Egyptian agricultural products after linking that country to the devastating E. coli outbreak that killed 49 people earlier this year. The European Union has linked the May/June E. coli outbreak that killed 49 people to produce grown in Egypt. Following a dedicated probe, officials concluded that a shipment of […]


Feeding Abu Dhabi With Water From Air

The Abu Dhabi Farmers Services Center is promoting technology that can potentially set Abu Dhabi farmers free from water constraints. Abu Dhabi farmers may be able to grow food with water pulled out of dense air. With just four days back up supply of water, and desalination projects usurping considerable energy, Abu Dhabi is facing […]

Zionist Group Seeks Agricultural Homestead Where Jesus Traveled

Israeli idealists plan to develop a land trust in the northern Galilee to encourage rural homesteading. Despite its emergence as a developed, industrial country, Israel has a bevy of close-to-the-earth learning experiences to choose from. Several kibbutzim throughout the country offer a variety of useful workshops in permaculture, off-grid living, sustainable building, and organic farming. […]


Fair Trade Sweets on Valentine’s Day

Does that box of luscious chocolates bear the taint of slavery? I eat an ounce of dark chocolate daily, for its antioxidant properties. And frankly, because I love chocolate. These chilly winter nights, my family asks me for hot chocolate milk, and I’m happy to simmer some up for them. But I go to a […]


The Grass Is Greener In The UAE

How green is your fodder? Turns out, in the UAE, not so green. A new program aims to change that. In order to combat the dual challenge of desertification and regional water shortages, the United Arab Emirates are experimenting with myriad innovations. The latest encourages local farmers to switch to a different variety of fodder. […]


Israel Moving to More Natural and Organic Wines

Israel’s main wine event showed a welcome growing trend towards more natural wines. “Natural wines” are taking off in Israel. At the Sommelier wine event, held in Tel Aviv last night November 8th and continuing through today, we found that some wineries already have organic vineyards, while others are greening their production facilities through recycling […]


A Growing Gulf Dependent on Imported Food

Skyscrapers (even rotating!) and dreams of vertical farms, but not a greenhouse to be seen. The Gulf is growing more and more dependent on imported food. Many Gulf countries are investing heavily in foreign farmlands that are more fertile, chiefly in Africa, but also India and Pakistan, in a bid to secure a steady food […]


Syngenta: Use GMOs To Boost Turkey’s Agricultural Sector

Though hunger is a compelling reason to consider GMOs, we are introducing too many genetic unknowns and defying nature’s superior wisdom. Turkey’s organic industry is picking up speed despite the continued use of chemicals for some farms, and various other Middle Eastern countries have demonstrated that local, natural farming practices can be sustainable. Even Dubai’s […]

Pest-resistant Super Wheat “Al Israeliano”

Based on the ancient “emmer” a new strain of pest-resistant super-wheat emerges from Israel. Perhaps harking back to biblical times, or resonating with Israel’s interest in growing crops in the desert, Israeli scientists have cultivated what they believe to be the world’s best pasta wheat. It’s touted as having the best nutritional quality, yield, pest-protection […]


Honey Is Bittersweet In The Middle East

The Honey Council, Hive Thievery and Bee Ecology education in Arabic:  In Israel and Lebanon, honey is both a problem and a solution. Image via orinrobertjohn Archeologists have uncovered beehives in northern Israel that date back 3 000 years.  A courtyard in the  ancient city of Rehov was home to bees producing honey in at least […]