Israel’s Ambassador Of Dance Ido Tadmor Performs For The Dead Sea


Internationally-acclaimed dance Ido Tadmor does an enigmatic dance for the Dead Sea at Kalya Beach. (image by Inbal Marmari) Becoming one of seven natural wonders can have enormous benefits for tourism, though competition is steep. Among the 28 candidates for the present campaign are the Great Barrier Reef, the Galapagos, and the Grand Canyon. Scores […]

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Israel Cleantech Intelligence: Israel-Jordan Collaboration and 7 More Headlines


Israeli GE winners, water shortage plans, Dead Sea insights and more headlines related to Israeli cleantech and the environment. Israel and Jordan are collaborating on oil pollution combat drills. ETV Motors signed a two-year deal to develop specialty batteries for an aviation company and Israel made its first solar power purchase. For these stories and […]

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A Story About the Elephants and Sparrows of Israeli Society


Twenty families own most of the “free” economy in Israel: a recent report points to disturbing trends concerning class and society. Dr. Gotlieb sees fault in the free market policies that injure people and the environment. In his comments on Israel’s invitation join to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) last May, Prime Minister […]

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Jordan Politics Hampers “Friends Of The Earth Middle East” Climate Change Event


An environmental awareness campaign is subverted by Jordan’s “aniti-normalisation” groups. Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) are renowned for reaching across political borders to address environmental concerns that know no borders. For years, in spite of the political aura, Israelis, Jordanians, and Palestinians have worked together to monitor and protect the imperiled Jordan River, […]

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Israel Cleantech Intelligence: Wind farms and 7 More Headlines


Non drip tomatoes, latest Dead Sea trouble, Ormat in the US and more headlines related to Israeli cleantech and the environment. Israel’s government is getting serious about ending global oil dependency by 2020. Ormat Technologies has secured funding for geothermal plants and Eilat-Eilot has been chosen to by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor […]

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Sinking Hotels! Salt Imbalance In Mined Dead Sea Threatens Tourism Industry


The tourism and minerals industry, as well as the Tamar Regional Council, argue over who must take responsibilities for what environmentalists call all “ecological disaster.” Take the most beautiful blue blown-glass vase designed with divine providence, throw it against a wall, and watch it shatter into hundreds of pieces. Then, try to glue it back […]

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