1000 Naked Israelis Strip to Save the Dead Sea

Spencer Tunick’s naked shoot at the Dead Sea in Israel: yes, some women even got covered in Dead Sea mud. Cloaked in secrecy, they wouldn’t know the location until they got into the bus. While politics in the Middle East seems to overshadow environmental issues, some passionate Israelis decided to be a part of history, […]


Dead Sea Inspires Advantix Systems’ Cooling Tech

Advantix Systems is yet another new Israel-based cleantech company just entering the U.S. market with an innovative solution for a big problem for US states as the climate heats up with climate change, while simultaneously, fossil fuels become rarer and more expensive, in the ongoing journey down the other side of Hubberts Peak. The company […]


Time Running Out for Saving Dead Sea Hotels

Artist Sigalit Landau swims naked amongst watermelons in Dead Sea to dramatize its plight. The Dead Sea is situated at the lowest point on earth and has been the subject a number of projects aimed at reversing the salt lake’s declining water levels. These projects include the controversial Red – Dead Sea Conduit Project, which […]


Strip Naked for the Dead Sea and Spencer Tunick

The Naked Sea installation is intended to draw attention to the declining environmental situation at the Dead Sea. Will you get naked for the Dead Sea? Naked-people-installation-artist Spencer Tunick is still trying to raise funds to create a massive naked art exhibit which he plans on photographing at the Dead Sea – which we covered […]


A Roadmap To Blue (H2O) Peace In The Middle East

With input from over 100 Middle Eastern leaders, the Swiss government has produced a positive tool that could transform regional water policies. There are no foregone conclusions. How the next few decades proceed depends on us, on actions that we take today. We know that the Jordan River barely exists six months every year, such […]

Scientists Dig Into Dead Sea To Provide Earth Clues

Scientists are coring into the Dead Sea floor to reveal more about regional climate change and earthquakes over time. Five hundred thousand years of Earth’s history is expected to be bored out of the Dead Sea, reports UPI. A multi-national team of scientists have started drilling from a platform near the Dead Sea resort of […]


A Story About the Elephants and Sparrows of Israeli Society

Twenty families own most of the “free” economy in Israel: a recent report points to disturbing trends concerning class and society. Dr. Gotlieb sees fault in the free market policies that injure people and the environment. In his comments on Israel’s invitation join to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) last May, Prime Minister […]


Jordan Politics Hampers “Friends Of The Earth Middle East” Climate Change Event

An environmental awareness campaign is subverted by Jordan’s “aniti-normalisation” groups. Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) are renowned for reaching across political borders to address environmental concerns that know no borders. For years, in spite of the political aura, Israelis, Jordanians, and Palestinians have worked together to monitor and protect the imperiled Jordan River, […]


Get Naked at Dead Sea for Spencer Tunick

Get naked at the Dead Sea – for the environment! Spencer Tunick, famous for his mass nude photographs of people set against unique backgrounds and landscapes, has chosen the Dead Sea to shoot his eco-sexy art. That means hundreds to thousands of Israelis will need to volunteer to strip to their birthday suits, all for […]